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Go, go, go, my child!

29 May

Last week, Richard and Melanie Kos completed my 8-week “I Was Busy, Now I’m Not” coaching program. Today I had a private Master’s Mind Coaching (MMC) session with both of them. That was extraordinary. What Holy Spirit did was amazing and he capped off our conversation with an exclamation point. &nbsp: After Richard said the […]

More Time To Enjoy The Holidays

19 Nov

We are entering what is for many people their busiest time of the year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Yet, busyness is an enemy of relationships, not a badge of honor. So, I’ve decided to host a special webinar on Tuesday Nov 20 at 8 pm EST titled “Simplify Your Complicated Life.” If you would […]

The First Day of Christmas – TIME For What’s Important

13 Dec

Welcome to “The First Day of Christmas – TIME For What’s Important.” In yesterday’s email, I mentioned that today is the official launch day for “The 12 Days of Christmas,” my Christmas gift to you and the world. This IDEA was inspired by the Holy Spirit while I was journaling during my Sacred Time on […]

Day #7 of 30 Days to Breakthrough – Leaving A Rich Legacy Through Journaling

22 Feb

Welcome to Day #7 of your “30 Days To Breakthrough” journey. Today is the last day of the 7 days series about Stewarding Your Time. Tomorrow we begin our second 7-day series about Stewarding Your Talent. According to Jim Rohn, “Keeping a journal is one of the three treasures to leave behind for the next […]

Day #1 of 30 Days to Breakthrough – Redeeming The Time

16 Feb

Welcome to Day #1 of your “30 Days To Breakthrough” journey. When you change your thinking, you change your life. For the next 7 days, we’ll be addressing the issue of Stewarding Your TIME. Today’s topic is “Redeeming The Time.” But what does it mean to redeem the time? Why is it so important to […]

Redeeming the Time

10 Jul

On Sunday July 9, 2006, I first learned about Rick Grubbs, founder of Life Changing Seminars and Redeeming The Time radio ministry. Three and a half years later, I had the privilege of hosting Rick on a webinar titled “Redeeming The Time.” Rick’s message was the best I had ever heard about time.