Go, go, go, my child!

29 May

Last week, Richard and Melanie Kos completed my 8-week “I Was Busy, Now I’m Not” coaching program. Today I had a private Master’s Mind Coaching (MMC) session with both of them. That was extraordinary. What Holy Spirit did was amazing and he capped off our conversation with an exclamation point.

After Richard said the closing prayer, Melanie was inspired to share her journal entry written by hand this morning during her sacred time in her sacred place. Here is what Melanie heard the LORD say to her:

Go, go, go, my child! Don’t lose momentum, don’t lose heart. I am bringing you to higher places. Let go of your own wisdom and step into my faith life and see the things I have prepared for you. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose heart. Keep stepping into those unknown places for there is where you will find me, ready, waiting to bless and transform, to build and give hope where it never seemed possible. I am with you. Is there anything too hard for Me? Walk in my ways, learn comfort in living the ‘heaven life’ and I will show you things you have not seen or known thus far. Do not be afraid to step into the ‘illogical’ for that is where you will find Me. I am there in those places that feel tight and constrained, those places that seem hard to reach and closed up. I am your ‘door opener’. Rest in me and I will show you and work on your behalf!

This tied in perfectly with today’s MMC call. I was inspired to share this important message with you and my other followers for encouragement. Melanie gave permission to do so.

Blessings to go, go, go and not lose momentum!

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