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What was Albert Einstein’s greatest discovery?

04 Oct

Some sources claim that Albert Einstein said the greatest discovery was the the power of compound interest. Regardless of the source, compound interest is powerful. It can either work for you (savings) or against you (debt). To see the power of compound interest, let’s assume you make a one-time investment of $10,000 in something that […]

Webinar tonight to empower leaders and widows

28 Apr

When I went to the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit in February 2011, one of the first new people I met was CarolMarie Smith. CarolMarie is an international speaker and writer, inspiring audiences worldwide to bring widows into their place of power. She is the co-author of the “Widows Ministry Leadership Training” manual that has been […]

How To Set Up Your Own Blog

01 Mar

If you’re available and interested, I’d like to invite you to today’s live webinar “How To Set Up Your Own Blog.” In case you don’t know, a blog is a turbocharged website. I frequently say it’s “10-10-10” – 10x cheaper than a traditional website to set up, 10x cheaper to maintain, and at least 10x […]

Sunday Morning Inspirations: SHARE

06 Feb

Are you spiritually constipated? It’s been my observation that most of God’s children are. They keep taking more and more in, but let little or nothing out. Sharing your God stories with the world is like a dam breaking to release God’s reservoir of living waters. The more you share, the more God’s fresh living […]

Free video relay for “God’s Vision For Coaching” is available through Oct 4

01 Oct

The free audio and video replays for the “God’s Vision For Coaching” webinar are now available online for free for 72 hours. After spending 10-12 hours carefully editing and improving the audio and video for this webinar, I feel this was one of the most powerful and practical webinars we have done in the Visions777 […]

Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional

04 Feb

Tonight my son Robbie and I will be interviewing John G. Miller regarding his latest book “Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional.” I am particularly excited about this webinar because it’s the first one I have ever hosted with my son and the topic is valuable to organizations of all kinds and sizes. […]

Haiti: Sharing God’s love in response to the devastating earthquake

24 Jan

We’re all aware of the devastating earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010. In less than 30 seconds, virtually an entire city (Port-au-Prince, the capital) was destroyed by the worst earthquake to hit Haiti in more than 200 years. An estimated 200,000 people are dead. About 1 million people are homeless. God has really […]