Sunday Morning Inspiration: YOUR PLACE IS YOUR DESTINY

13 Feb

Where you choose to live and work and the environment you are in plays a vital role in shaping who you are and what you can accomplish.

In the 18th century Charles Lamb, an English essayist, shared one of the greatest philosophical insights ever articulated when he wrote – “Nothing puzzles me more than TIME and SPACE; and yet nothing troubles me less, as I never think about them.

According to Rick Grubbs, founder of Redeeming The Time ministry, “TIME is your life!” And according to Stephen Roulac, “PLACE is your destiny!

I first got connected with Stephen on February 2 by Michael Oswald. Stephen reportedly is the world’s leading authority on the economic productivity and strategic importance of the PLACES in which we live and work.

According to one Dean of a School of Financial Studies, “Stephen Roulac is to finance as Einstein is to physics.

About Stephen, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine wrote, “perhaps the most influential of the country’s independent real estate analysts.”

So what? Now what?

I’d like to invite you to join me on a webinar with Stephen on Thursday Feb 24, 2011 titled “YOUR PLACE IS YOUR DESTINY.” This is a game changer, a family changer, and a community changer.

CLICK HERE to learn more and register for this life-changing, world-changing webinar!

I believe this topic is relevant to nearly every one of my followers.

Incidentally, you can find my short, but fascinating audio interview of Stephen done on Feb 11 at this link – YOUR PLACE IS YOUR DESTINY

As you may know, my keyword for life is LEVERAGE and my passion is helping you leverage your time to leverage your life. Leverage is being able to accomplish a lot more with a lot less. So this connection to the world’s leading authority on PLACE choices is huge.

We hope to see you on the live webinar. And be sure to share the wealth by letting your friends know about this opportunity. Thank you.

Special events this past week

1) On Tues Feb 8, Lynne Lee and I cohosted Dr. Mark Virkler on a wonderful webinar titled “How God Speaks Through Dreams And Visions.” Mark is founder of Communion With God Ministries and Christian Leadership University. That webinar recording is available to members of our How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program.

2) On Wed Feb 9, I hosted a webinar with Michael Oswald, Claudia Morehead, and Vincent Roth titled “The CEO’s Guide to Managing Business and Legal Risks“. Click the link for that recording.

3) On Thur Feb 10, I hosted a webinar with Stevie Knight titled “Kingdom Influence and the Power of Social Media.” Click the link for that recording.

Upcoming Events

1) The Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit takes place Feb 16-19 near Charlotte North Carolina. I’ll be speaking at 4 for the breakout sessions, including two titled “Leverage Your Life And Business With Webinars” and two titled “Uncommon Journaling for Divine Destiny.” If you’re planning to come to that, please find me to say hello in person. Thanks.

More Blessings

1) Reel Wisdom for You – Youtube video with wisdom lessons from 40 films in 7 minutes

Blessings to understand the significance of your place choices and to be wise when choosing!

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