Sunday Inspiration: My Fight With God

17 Apr

My Fight With God

My Fight With GodOn April 10, 2011 Lance Wallnau sent an email to his followers announcing the sudden, unexpected death of a great man and his friend, Brian Klemmer. When Brian Klemmer founded Klemmer & Associates, his dream was to create an army of compassionate Samurai to make a difference in this world. Brian assembled a management team in the fulfillment of his “500 year business plan” dedicated to delivering that dream.

My Fight With God

may turn out to be Brian Klemmer’s greatest legacy. Time will tell. It’s certainly a life-changer.

It’s interesting that after my short hike in the mountains near Las Vegas in April 2011 with a large group of internet marketers, I gave up my seat so Jerry Graham could sit down. Just before the crowded bus left, the bus driver waved for me to come to the front of the bus and sat me next to a total stranger. It turned out that man was one of Brian Klemmer’s senior executives. I had never heard of Brian before that.

Anyhow, this week I was stirred to learn more about Brian. In my search, I came to discover that Brian wrote a book called My Fight With God. Later, I came across these outstanding YouTube videos. It’s obvious that Brian left a wonderful legacy for the Kingdom of God.

If you have ever wondered why life is sometimes unfair, if God really hears your prayers, or if you just can’t figure out Scripture,

My Fight With God

promises to stir you into new conversations with your heavenly Father and deepen your personal walk with Jesus. Written with a strong, cut-to-the-chase approach, the author’s refreshing and natural responses to questions and situations that you face every day will make you laugh as well as scratch your head more than once as you wonder “Gee, how did he know that’s what I was thinking?” My Fight With God helps you: Learn why the meek inherit the earth and how you can too – without being beat up in the process.

Incidentally, last Sunday I did not have time to publish my Sunday Inspiration because my wife and I spent most of the day at Massanutten visiting my parents and our nephew Brendon Peck, who we had not seen for 22 months. While at Massanutten, my parents treated Julia, Brendon, and me to the zip-line course in the mountains. That was lots of fun. CLICK HERE to see the photos.

By the way, I did finally have a chance to post my Sunday Inspiration for April 10 titled “Special Bulletin Part 6 – ‘Goshen Grace’ During Times of Destruction.”

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Blessings to be a compassionate Samurai for God!

After reading this message and watching the videos, please consider sharing your comments below about Brian Klemmer and My Fight With God.

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