Please help Ieesha’s Dreams to come true!

01 Apr

From: Laurie Roberts
Date: Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Subject: Please help Ieesha’s Dreams to come true!
To: marcos lagos allan, Beverly Leavitt, Becky Plinke, “B. Ragan”, Bruce Cook, David Noble, Charlie Fisher, CHARLES ROBINSON, Joanne Diaz, diane underwood, “Joseph Peck, M.D.”, Elysa Henderson, Emilie Johnston, Fulton Sheen, Carlos Fernadez, Jerry Goebel, Tru, Chris Gehlhausen, Denise Gehlhausen, Max Greiner, Joyce Harris, Mark Henderson, John Roberts, Judith Leone, Jeannie Lundgard NXT, Dulac, Michael Tummillo, Drew Martin, Wendy Nelson, Michelle Noble, Linda Osinchuk, Summer Phillips, Roberta, Shanon Brooks, susanjensen jensen, ABEL URBINA, David VanKoevering, Lance Wallnau, Bruce Cook,, yolanda tabet, Allen Zebrowski, JANNETH ZULAY VALENCIA MARTINEZ, Zade Nanji

Hi All,

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Message from Ieesha

Hi, I’m Ieesha Esperanza, my names mean “tree of life and hope”. I believe that your first name is who you are and your second is your calling. So I am a tree of life and my calling is to be hope. Thank you for all your support and believing in my dreams!

Ieesha, my little daughter, had a miracle moment at KEYS Hollywood. Ieesha’s desire has been to be a model & actress as a ‘Step One’ of her very detailed life plan that she has been writing out for over a year already. She has had a lot of prophetic confirmations along the way but I have to say as her mother and a sister in the Lord watching the hand of Almighty God moving in the life of this young Esther, it is all quite incredible.

We are writing to you to share this testimony and ask you to prayerfully consider helping us make this dream come true. If you feel that you would like to give to a fund for this trip you can send funds to Gloryhouse, our church in Austin, through writing Pastor Mark Henderson at or through TD Canada Trust SELECT SERVICE – 8972 6458270

At this time I want to see at least another 1200 children for 2012 sponsored for our children’s program and so to spend money without real assurance from the Lord that HE is in this opportunity for Ieesha would be impossible for me personally even if I had the money to do it. Truly without the strong confirmations Ieesha received, I would never consider spending the time, effort, and money to put her into the model training. I know with all my heart that Ieesha is not mine she is the Lord’s and that the Children’s Program that we are called to build and serve Mexico’s youth is also not mine but the Lord’s. So I am going to trust and flow and pray that you will do the same as you prayerfully consider sponsoring Ieesha to move into her destiny and also our Children’s program to change a nation for the Kingdom. I believe together we can all make this happen. Even if it is $5.00 each we can do it!

We had no idea in the natural that there would be any opportunity at KEYS Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming a model. We did, however, feel led to work on a portfolio and trust for an open door somehow in the future. Ieesha worked hard on her portfolio. Please look at the photos we’ve posted.

At KEYS Hollywood March 21 – 24, AMTC (Actors & Models and Talent for Christ) set up an exhibitor table right beside ours. Ieesha was encouraged to audition right at the conference, which she did on Saturday afternoon. Just before that, at lunch, she received a strong word from Apostle Sharon Billins that she would be on the cover of magazines and in the future would have her own clothing & design company. All this would happen while she was still a very young 14 or 15 years old. Then the next day, David Ranier gave her a word that she was being accelerated – literally jumping some phases of life as the call of the Lord was upon her life for this moment in history. And sure enough she got a call back on Sunday and the miracle began.

Ieesha believes that she is called to be a “model” of hope and faith in Jesus for other young women, especially to Hispanic youth and Mexicans. Rick Larie confirmed this with a word this morning in our Master’s Mind Marketing meeting. Her hope and plan has been that with the resources and connections in this industry, she would like to start her own clothing & design company while she is studying to become a structural engineer and architect. Her vision is to build amazing communities that are self sustaining, full of life, and all natural – not destructive to trees and the natural environment of the area. She has been studying with a graphic artist and already learning to design with graphic arts software for architecture. Finally, her ultimate, long-term dream is to serve her people and country.

Ieesha is a prophetically promised child. She was promised to me 17 years before her birth. God’s purpose and mantles that she carries are by design and have tremendous destiny. My Mexican/Canadian daughter carries an anointing to unite the north with the south in a crucial moment in the history of three nations – Canada, United States and Mexico. Her attendance at KEYS Canada 2011 was no mistake; it was ordained. Her attendance at KEYS Hollywood 2012 was also a divine appointment, where she received confirmation prophetically that was incredibly powerful and will keep us at the Father’s throne of grace for provision and protection. She was baptized in our church in Canada two years ago and recently at Max Grienert’s home in Texas, she was baptized in the Spirit.

Ieesha has grown up for the most part in our Learning Centers in Mexico. We lived in Canada and we cared for my mother for 18 months. Now we have been back in Mexico for 18 months in a new city, rebuilding our Learning Center and our lives. It is the Lord’s plan being released and I humbly submit this request to my sisters and brothers in Christ and trust the provision with be accompanied with the call.

Ieesha’s Trip and Training Budget GOAL $3500.00
Training is normally 4995.00 but already all but 1668.00 has been provided
The trip looks like it will cost approximately 2000.00:
Airfare: 780.08
Hotels: 411.00 + 420.00 = 831.00

Food & Transportation?
Housing during the break and wait time in LA I think I could stay with my Pastor who lives close during this time I will try to confirm that by the 30th
Clothes & shoes for the photo shoot?

Alaska Airlines 249
Coach | Nonstop | Details
Guadalajara (GDL) 5:55 pm Fri, Apr 13
Los Angeles (LAX) 7:23 pm Fri, Apr 13
Total: 1,307 mi | 3 h 28 m

Alaska Airlines 248
Coach | Nonstop | Details
Los Angeles (LAX) 11:45 am Mon, Apr 23
Guadalajara (GDL) 4:53 pm Mon, Apr 23
Total: 1,307 mi | 3 h 8 m

Total Price for 2 Travelers

Hotel necessary for April 13, 14, 15th
Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort (CA002)
616 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA, US, 92802
Phone: (714) 750-3131

From the 15th to the 20th we need a place to stay while we are waiting for the photo shoots at
Culver City on the 21st and 22nd of April.
CULVER HOTEL 9400 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 Cerca de Sony Pictures Studios
Teléfono: 1-800-741-5072 (817) 333-5105
209.00 / night
Within walking distance of the photo studio
22nd evening place to stay or hotel by LAX?

Laurie Roberts
Executive Director
ESC WORKS! International Inc.
Language Learning with a Purpose!
Exito sin Fronteras!

EnglishWORKS! & SpanishWORKS! Mexico, S.C.
(011 52) to dial Internationally 376 766 2034 office or please use email to bookan appointment to use my Local Edmonton, Alberta number 780 800 8127

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