On My Knees

30 Nov

“I get on my knees. There I am before the Love that changes me. See, I don’t know how, but there’s power when I’m on my knees.” – lyrics from song “On My Knees”

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, (Philippians 2:5)

Where does servant leadership start?

The 14 week Life Focus course I have been taking to further develop leadership coaching skills has been quite enlightening. A Life Focus coach helps a client pull together gleanings (insights) from the past, recognize major convergence experiences, uncover hidden dreams, and flesh out important goals to fulfill those dreams. The end result is greater focus in one’s life to fulfill one’s God-given destiny. In a way this is taking a time-out in life to evaluate where one is, how God got him there, and where God is leading him.

In the process of pulling together my own past, I reviewed each of my family Christmas letters posted online for the past 8 years. Each of those letters includes family highlights and top life lessons for the previous year. Much can be gleaned from that. The first paragraph of my 2006 Christmas letter states, “The key message for me was ‘On my knees, I find refuge’ – lyrics from a song I heard sung twice by Miriam Halsey.”

In yesterday’s devotional, I shared how the Holy Spirit told me on November 15, “You will fulfill your mission by serving your wife!” I then went on to talk about servant leadership.

But where does servant leadership start? I believe it starts on our knees before Almighty God in reverence to Him. Something special happens when I kneel down, bow my head, and pray – I humble myself before God. It’s submitting my will and my life to God that has brought me into a deeper relationship with Him. When I’m on my knees I’m expressing my total dependance on God. Humbling myself before God and experiencing His grace and mercy makes it much easier to humble myself before people.

While Jesus told us he is our “friend,” He is also Lord of lords and King of kings. To be a servant leader, I must be ever mindful that God is God and I’m not. New Age philosophy teaches that we are all gods, which is completely unbiblical. While the Bible teaches that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, it also teaches that Jesus is my Vine and apart from Him I can do nothing. Without a fresh daily infilling of the Holy Spirit, I begin to quickly wither like a branch cut from a tree.

Far too often when I get to know a prominent Christian leader, my heart is broken to see that person suffering the consequences of a busy lifestyle as a result of service to God, rather than reaping abundant fruit that comes from a deep abiding relationship with God. Our culture in America constantly tugs at us to join others in the tyranny of the urgent. Yet God never intends for our ministry to people to supercede our relationship with Him. The Greatest Commandment and the first of the Ten Commandments confirm this.

What appointment, what meeting, what TV show, who in your day is more important than  meeting with God the Father? Which newspaper, what book will you choose to read that is more inspiring, more life changing than the Bible? When you pray, do you really believe God wants to bless you and will answer those prayers? How big are your prayers? How big is your God? What excuses will you permit in your life to keep you from seeking God with all your heart?

O let the Holy Spirit speak to you right now Spirit to spirit. He wants to speak life into your life and your family right now. Receive it. Die to yourself and surrender to Him. The heavenly Father I know is far more loving and generous than any early father could ever be. He’s my all in all. Let Him be for You too.

Prayer Power
Jesus, I believe that You are coming back soon. You are preparing a beautiful bride to prepare the way for Your return. Show me how to step it up several notches for You and guide me to do that. May I seek to ever deepen by my relationship with You. Call people to join “Team Destiny” to save the lives of more than one billion souls soon. Bring in the spiritual tsunami. Praise be to God! Amen and hallelujah.

Link of the Day
On My knees (Dueth With Abel Orta*) – stirring Youtube video

Blessings to get on your knees to find the power in His love!

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