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Sunday Inspiration: Inspiring Your Leadership, Releasing Your Purpose

19 Oct

Since hosting Pastor Donald Lee on the Tongues: Power and Blessings webinar on September 17 and Gary Beaton on his webinar Soaring Into Your Destiny on October 8, I have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough in my personal life, family, and business. This past week I had the privilege of hosting Shaun Smit on a webinar […]

Sunday Inspiration: The Top Ten Leadership Principles of Jesus

16 Feb

This past week while using my Kindle Fire to pray through my long prayer list, I came across “The Top Ten Leadership Principles of Jesus.” This comes from page 1211 of the Maxwell Leadership Bible in which Dr. John Maxwell discuss the significance of Mark 8:34-38. I felt compelled to share this with you. Enjoy!  […]

Sunday Inspiration: A lot can happen in a year

21 Jul

In my message last week titled “The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude,” I mentioned that I recently ordered Vic Johnson’s book “52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success and Lifelong Happiness.” That book is having a profound impact on my thinking and is leading to massive action.

Sunday Inspiration: Complexity is the enemy of everything

19 May

On Friday May 10, I had the privilege of attending the Chick-fil-A Leadercast in Leesburg, VA. The theme this year was Simply Lead. All the speakers were good, but my favorite was Andy Stanley. The #1 lesson I learned was “Complexity is the enemy of everything, including clarity!” If you are interested in growing your […]

Sunday Inspiration: Leaders Know the Difference

20 Jan

This past week during a Master’s Mind Coaching (MMC) call, one of the team members brought up Proverbs 21:1 and what Dr. John Maxwell had written in the Maxwell Leadership Bible about that. This morning while reading my Bible, I stumbled across that scripture and Dr. Maxwell’s message. Leaders can and should make their plans, […]

Sunday Inspiration: What is Thought Leadership?

25 Sep

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research about thought leadership. Part of what inspired this curiosity is the Mission of St Luke’s School.In the past week, I changed the slogan for my main company (Empower 2000, Inc) to “Empowering and Connecting a new generation of THOUGHT LEADERS.” But what is THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and how […]

Sunday Inspiration: Transformation Truth #1 – Either You’re Moving Forward, or Not

03 Jul

Brendon Burchard is the founder of the Experts Academy and author of Life’s Golden Ticket. He is one of the most inspiring thought leaders I know and he’s having a huge impact on how I think and my business success. Brendon’s life motto is “Live, Love, Matter” and he says at the end of your […]