Sunday Inspiration: What is Thought Leadership?

25 Sep

What is Thought Leadership?

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research about thought leadership.

Part of what inspired this curiosity is the Mission of St Luke’s School – “To work together as faculty, students, families, and administrators, fostering an engaging school community that encourages our students to live extraordinary and honorable lives as inspirational, global thought-leaders, shaping the future with integrity, intellect, and compassion.”

In the past week, I changed the slogan for my main company (Empower 2000, Inc) to “Empowering and Connecting a new generation of THOUGHT LEADERS.”

But what is THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and how do you do it?

Alan Veeck, a senior instructor at Thought Leaders, LLC says:

“You might think a term like Thought Leadership is decades old. Not really, it is more like years old. It is about 15 years old. The first recorded use of it or the first real use of it in a big setting came from this seller right here – Joel Kurtzman. He is the editor of a couple of magazines most notably Harvard Business Review. But this was his job – to be a Thought Leader, to interview Thought Leaders in its in depth capacity when he interviewed people who are very thoughtful about different ways to innovate around the way business is done that caused him to coin this term – Thought Leadership and a Thought Leader. He said this is somebody who contributes new thoughts to business.”

CLICK HERE to watch Alan’s outstanding 4 minute video.

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