Developing an “Ear To Hear” God’s Voice

27 Aug
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UNCOMMON Opportunity
Register Now for UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny courseTo learn more about Today’s life changing webinar “Introduction to UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny,” CLICK HERE. Testimony: What a blessing! Journaling and using The Journal is revolutionizing my life. – Dan Paulsen

Secular coaches call it ‘intuition”.  LLC coaches have learned that we are really helping clients Hear God for themselves in a coaching conversations and discovering the empowering joy of their own voice in the process.  We train coaches to “listen to what really matters” by serving clients to hear, engage, embrace, and activate God’s Destiny Directions for them. – Joseph Umidi

Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ (Philippians 3:8)

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your ability to consistently hear God’s voice?
What can you do to improve that?

In yesterday’s devotional titled “Changing Lives – Breaking Through,” we continued with our theme of Christ-enabled living, impossible living, heroic living. Yesterday’s key message: “When you change your thinking and your HABITS, you will change your life.” You were presented with an opportunity to participate in today’s life-changing webinar to change your thinking and habits.

Poster: Journaling is the key to unlock your dreamsToday at Noon EST, Jerry Graham and I are hosting an introductory webinar about our outstanding 5 week Journal 201 course titled “UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny.” Rev. Matt Gregory and Dan Paulsen will be sharing their first hand testimonies of the impact of our prior course. Even if you are not available, you can receive a link to the recorded webinar simply by registering. CLICK HERE to learn more.

While preparing the PowerPoint presentation for today’s webinar, I was prompted to write down some of the new fruit I personally experienced from the Journal 201 course. Here is a partial list:
1) Began using The Journal myself
2) Got connected to Debra Thompson Roedl and the Wealth Alliance Group
3) Transformation Virginia was officially launched
4) Launched my own web store with products, courses, and memberships
5) Soul Purpose Church (my church) formally adopted “Coaching you to discover and fulfill your soul purpose” as its mission
6) Door opened for an alliance between Team Destiny and Lifeforming Leadership Coaching
7) I bought a brand new bicycle. My old one was more than 25 years old (literally an antique).

4 keys to hear God's voiceIn my August 22 devotional, I mentioned that Joseph Umidi was my top new contact in 2006 and Debra Thompson Roedl has been my top new contact in 2008.
On August 19, Joseph sent the monthly Lifeforming Leadership Coaching e-newsletter promoting our webinar to his 1,500 or so contacts. In his message titled “Coaching with an ‘Ear To Hear’,” Joseph wrote:
“I am pleased to offer all of our coaches the unique combination of 2 keys to Hearing God for yourself that will translate into more effective “hearing” with your clients.  This is the unique combination of journaling and coaching to clarify what God is saying to you and giving you the ability to help your clients discover the same for them. Dr. Jerry Graham and Dr. Randy Peck have collaborated to design this life changing 5-week process for you that I highly recommend.”
Debra Roedl is regarded by some as the top internet marketing strategist in the world. When I met in person with her at the Marriott Crystal City (VA) on August 16 (the same day as The Call DC), she committed to promote our combo journaling and coaching courses. to her Wealth Alliance contacts around the world.

Debra Unplugged: Internet's number one marketing strategist

Wealth Alliance Group: leading marketing expert in the Information Marketing and Information Product industry

A few weeks ago I talked to Buddy Smith, Executive Assistant to the Chairman for the American Family Association. He told me he is willing to have Jerry and I interviewed about our combo coaching and journaling courses on Today’s Issues (American Family Radio). AFR has more than 1 million listeners nationwide.

Obviously God has His mantle of favor on the “UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny” course. On behalf of all our Team Destiny teammates, we invite you to be blessed by registering for today’s webinar. Even if you aren’t available today, you will receive a link to our recorded webinar just for registering. Our target audience is people who are passionate to know God and make Him known. We are training champions for Christ. To register for today’s webinar, CLICK HERE.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, we praise You as an intimate God – as a God who speaks to us regularly. Thank You for training me to hear Your voice, which makes life flow so much easier. Bless each reader who chooses to register for today’s webinar to learn to hear Your voice. Thank You Jesus. You’re my all in all. Amen and hallelujah!

Link of the Day
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Blessings to develop an ear to hear God’s voice!

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