Sunday Inspiration: You Become What You Think About

20 Jul

You Become What You Think AboutRecently a lot of good things have been happening in my world.

Since having my total hip replacement surgery on June 9, I have been on a major upswing. I am now exercising more consistently than in the past few years. For example, on July 11, I walked 4.6 miles on the beach. On July 12, 13, 15, and 17 I rode my racing bike 14 miles, 16 miles, 14 miles, and 20 miles respectively. And on July 14, I swam 2/3 mile and walked for 45 minutes in the therapeutic pool at Powell Wellness Center. My energy level is back up to a 9 after dipping to about 7 in the past few years secondary to my worsening hip.

Another thing that happened as a result of my hip surgery is that my routine was busted allowing me to create a new one with more time margin. Despite the fact that I’m taking massive focused action in my business, I have more time to read and visit with people.

This weekend Vic Johnson announced the release of his new book “You Become What You Think About: How Your Mind Creates The World You Live In [].” Yesterday (July 19) I ordered the Kindle version and this morning during my Sacred Time I was inspired to start reading that. The book is outstanding. Vic is truly a master at teaching about overcoming self-limiting beliefs. That’s not surprising given he founded and leads The Champions Club webinar that I participate in each Monday afternoon.

In the Introduction to his book, Vic writes

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is” is one of the most powerful statements known to man. In fact, James Allen (the famous self-help author) made it the hallmark of his classic masterpiece, As a Man Thinketh.

You may not know the true implications of those words from Proverbs 23:17. For example, in ancient Greek the word “heart” didn’t mean the physical organ, but rather referred to the unconscious or subconscious mind.

I was first exposed to the idea in a recording by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret; which became the only personal development recording ever to receive a Gold Record.

What is the strangest secret? “You become what you think about,” said Nightingale.

When those words really came home to me my life was upside down. My family and I had been evicted from our home and lost our last automobile to repossession. I earned so little money during that time that we qualified below the U.S. poverty level for a family of five.

At first I rejected the idea that “you become what you think about” because it would mean that I was responsible for our miserable condition. But the more I studied and the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me that if my thinking had gotten me in the mess I was in, then my thinking could also be my savior and lead me to a better life.

Is it true that we can trace our beliefs, actions, doubts, or decisions to our subconscious thoughts? Doesn’t everything we do ultimately spring forth from the way we think?

Everyone has a conscious mind capable of making a variety of decisions on a day-to-day basis. But many of them are not decisions, but rather actions you take as a result of habit. Your subconscious mind is responsible for just about every major thing in your life.

Your subconscious is the farm that will produce well if you plant thoughts (the seeds) and cultivate the fertile soil you need in order to grow as a person. Your conscious mind is the “farmer” that is ultimately responsible for taking care of your farm.

You’re responsible for your own mental destiny that will determine where you end up and ultimately who you become.

More blessings

1) The Secret Currency (video) – This message is full of pearls and my favorite message about wise investing in the current times.

2) On Wed July 23 at 2 pm EST I hosted a webinar about Developing a 30-60-100 Mindset. If you are hungry to make a bigger difference in the world, I encourage you to click the link to watch the video replay.

Blessings to think about positive things that bring positive results!

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