Tribes Are What Matter Now!

19 May

“Tribes Are What Matter Now!” – Seth Goodin

Who are you upsetting? Who are you connecting? Who are you leading?

Then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, “This is the thing which the LORD has commanded: (Numbers 30:1)

Yesterday morning, Michael Stay sent me an email with a link to a profound video with Seth Goodin talking about tribes. This was in follow up to our strategic planning meeting on May 14.

Seth says we are living during a major transition with how ideas are shared and spread. We are in a new model of leadership. Changes are no longer made with money and power. Tribes are what matter now. It’s tribes that can change our world, not because they force people but because people want to connect. Assemble tribes that assemble tribes that becomes a movement.

Seth then asks, “Who are you upsetting? Who are you connecting? Who are you leading?”

Most movements are about finding a group that’s disconnected, but already has a yearning. Change comes by affecting the “who” not the mechanics of what you are doing. People are waiting for you to lead them.

Tribe Leaders …
1) Challenge the status quo
2) Build a culture
3) Connect people to one another. More than anything else, people want to feel missed.
4) Commit to the cause, to the tribe, to the people who are there.

Challenge: Do something. It only takes 24 hours to create a movement.

Prayer Power
Almighty and eternal God and Father, I worship and adore You. I ask You to help me assemble a modern-day Gideon army, a tribe, to inspire people around the world to the greatness You designed them for. Thank You Jesus for being my Shepherd, for making me lie down in green pastures, for guiding me in the steps of righteousness and leading me for Your own name sake. Anoint me from the heavens. Anoint me from the Holy Temple. Anoint me from Zion, O Lord.

Blessings to do something to change the world — to join or lead a tribe!

Growth Opportunities

1) Watch TED video “”Seth Godin on the tribes we lead”

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During this webinar, we will discuss TRIBES and STRATEGIC ALLIANCES!

I am committed to helping those who are committed to helping me! – Mike Barber

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