The Seventh Day of Christmas – HEALTH For My Family

19 Dec

The Seventh Day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love (God) gave to me, HEALTH For My Family.

In December 2006, I stepped away from the best anesthesia job ever of my medical career to take a sabbatical year in obedience to the Holy Spirit. This took a lot of faith because I was working only two and a half days per week and earning what I did when I worked full-time as an anesthesiologist at another hospital for 12 years.

In the middle of my sabbatical year, I was led to begin what ultimately turned out to be ten months of training to become a certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach. And on my very first day of training (June 1, 2007), I got connected to Dr. Jerry Graham, who just happened (if you believe in coincidences which I don’t) to come out to observe Scott Wozniac, the coach trainer for my group who he had trained.

Jerry and his wife Sharon officially became web clients of mine on 07-07-07 and we soon became great friends.

From Jerry and Sharon, I learned more Wellness than I had in 25 years of being a physician.

In early 2010, the three of us recorded 7 webinars teaching “7 Steps to Wellness.”

Here is a link to the eye-opening video for the first webinar

Overview of Wellness

By the way, if you’re interested, here is an archive with hyperlinks for The 12 Days of Christmas

Blessings to be a good steward with your health!

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