The 10-10-80 Principle

13 Jul

The key to John D. Rockefeller’s financial success was following the 10-10-80 principle.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (Luke 6:38, NIV).

Are you giving God your first fruits with a cheerful heart?
What percent of your income do you save?

Like Bill Gates of today, John D. Rockefeller was the wealthiest man of his generation. When John was asked what was the secret of his financial success, he gave a profoundly simple answer – he followed the 10-10-80 principle. John gave the first 10% of what he earned to God, the next 10% to savings, and then he lived within his means on the remaining 80%.

By giving God our “first fruits”, we acknowledge Him as the owner of all and show we trust Him. This act of giving with a cheerful heart releases the promise of God that “our barns will be filled with plenty” (Proverbs 3:9-10). In other words, when You give God the first and best of what You have, He will bless the remainder. This applies not only to our money, but also to our time and talent. The LORD is our Redeemer.

The second part of the 10-10-80 principle is saving. In America, we now have a culture of debt – people are in debt and so are our governments. In Japan the average savings for a worker is more than 20%. In Western Europe it’s about 16%. But in the United States, the average worker saves minus 2%. Covetousness leads to financial bondage, which leads to spiritual bondage. The Bible says that “the borrower is servant to the lender.”

It’s interesting that when immigrants come to our country, they often do a much better job at saving than people who have lived in America for all their lives, despite the fact that they often earn far less.

Prayer Power
Father, when we follow Your principles, life works, and when we don’t, it doesn’t. Forgive me and my family for our past covetousness. Forgive me for foolish financial choices I have made in the past. Help me to get and stay on the path to financial freedom. Guide me to be debt-free again soon so I can give generously again. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Blessings of the Day

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Blessings to follow the 10-10-80 principle!

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