Tears of joy, hope, sorrow, and repentance [webinar today]

11 Sep

Dear friend,

I am so excited about today’s webinar with Ingrid Budag titled “Queens of the Kingdom.”

Queens of the KingdomI finished reading Ingrid’s book last night and was so moved by her story.

This morning I received an email from Ingrid sharing this brand new review of her book by Daytha Hulion

Reading Ingrid Budag’s biography blessed me more than I can express with words. Her journey with the Lord is extraordinarily unique. Hearing of the miracles God has performed in her life energized me and gave me hope for my own future in Him. Reading her testimony reminded me of the power we receive through complete submission to the Lord’s will for our lives. I was amazed how instantly Ingrid submitted her own desires to the will of her loving God over and over. I repeatedly cried tears of joy, hope, sorrow and repentance. Ingrid’s life provides a clear example of how humanity can have a close relationship with a holy and compassionate God through Jesus Christ. It left me wanting to know more about Ingrid and, most importantly, thirsting for more of God.

I couldn’t agree more.

You are invited to join us for the “Queens of the Kingdom” webinar at 8 pm EST today.


God is SO good!

Blessings for tears of joy, hope, sorrow, and repentance!


P.S. I believe God is releasing this messsage of hope for a reason on this historic day (9-11).

Queens of the Kingdom

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