Sunday Morning Inspirations: The Big Rocks

30 Jan

One of my favorite devotionals I have ever written pertains to The BIG ROCKS. The big rocks represent the most important things in your jar of life – your top priorities. This evening, my wife Julia shared how this weekend was a celebration of two great lives – my father and Dan White.

At 8 pm EST on Wednesday January 26, I hosted a webinar with Carrie Stone titled “I Was Busy – Now I’m Not.” The key word for that was TIME. The key message was “Time is your life!” The key scripture was Psalm 90:12 – So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. And the key question was “What does it mean to number your days?

About 30 minutes before launch time, my wife Julia received a phone call from Michelle Geesaman in Colorado letting us know that Dan White died of a heart attack earlier in the day at the young age of 47 years old. When I learned of the news, I started to cry and felt devastated. Dan was a good friend. Of all the people who had worked on our home over the past 21 years, Dan was my favorite. He loved Jesus and was hungry for God. The last time I saw Dan was at Michelle’s home in Culpeper in August 2010.

This afternoon, Julia and I went to Dan’s memorial service. The church was packed with about 400-500 people in attendance. Afterwards, Julia told me that was one of the best memorial services she had ever been to. I agreed. See photos.

the big rocks

On Friday January 28, I went to Massanutten to ski with my father. Afterwards, my father told me that would probably be the last day he ever skied. On January 29, I helped my mother prepare for a big dinner and celebration at their home in honor of my father’s 80th birthday. About 37 of their invited friends came over. And to my surprise, our two children drove all the way down from Alexandria to surprise their grandfather for his birthday. See photos.

the big rocks

Life (on earth as we know it) is short. My question for you is “What will be your legacy?”

Blessings of the Day

1) 3 Big Rocks Videos

2) Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door: Job Secrets No One Else Will Tell You – Video interview of Harvey McCay by Larry King

3) Wellness Icon Passes Away

Blessings to put the BIG ROCKS in the jar of your life first!

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