Sunday Inspiration: The 100/0 Principle

18 Nov

The 100/0 Principle

I just attended the Conquer Atlanta conference on Nov 15 and 16. There were some great speakers, including Bishop TD Jakes. This was the first time I ever saw Bishop Jakes in person and the first time I heard him ever talk about business. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur.

Also at this conference I got to see about 8-9 members of our Master’s Mind Marketing (MMM) tribes. Most of them I had never met before in person.

While in Atlanta, I didn’t have internet access for a few days. When I got back online yesterday, I found a voice message and two encouraging emails from Tom Richter, a connector who I hadn’t spoken to for about a year.

It’s interesting that about an hour before seeing Tom’s email, I prayed to God to let me know the title for today’s Sunday Inspiration. When I clicked on one of Tom’s links, the answer became clear.

The secret of great relationships is The 100/0 Principle.

The 100/0 Principle is the formula for developing the effective relationships which are so critical to our success. Want to improve your relationships with your spouse, boss, coworkers or customers? Then watch this two minute video from Simple Truths.

The 100/0 Principle

More blessings

1) As a practicing anesthesiologist for 20 years, understanding body fluid composition was important to keeping surgical patients well hydrated. One of the things I learned in my training is that about 60% of your total body weight is water, with about two thirds of that in your cells and one third outside of the cells.

In short, over half of your body is water and the type of water (or other fluids) you drink is critical to your health. Yesterday I received an email from Jack Stagman, one of my good friends in Northern Virginia, with a link to this informative video clearly demonstrating the benefits of drinking ionized water. See Kangen Water video

2) IHOP CEO Daniel Lim’s Sharing After U.S Election

3) The Light Bearer to Entrepreneur Journey

Blessings to apply The 100/0 Principle routinely in your life!

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