Sunday Inspiration: How does one relate to an invisible God?

09 Oct

It seems that almost weekly now I receive another out-of-the=blue phone call or email from a thought leader wanting to either connect with me or asking for my assistance in pushing their message out to the world. What makes this so unusual is that I don’t routinely answer non-scheduled phone calls from people I don’t know.

After listening to my audio testimony online, Tom Richter called me up from Minneapolis on August 31 out-of-the=blue to see if I was “real.” The Holy Spirit immediately established a heart-to-heart connection between us. During our very first conversation, Tom was prompted to tell me about several shakers-and-movers and large networks he thought I might be able to make a difference with. Within a week or two, I was prompted to begin referring various thought leaders to Tom.

Two weeks ago, Tom connected me with Larry Smith, a very experienced Christian life coach and “restoration counselor” in Florida. During my first conversation with Larry on October 6, what stood out the most for me was that while we live in an age with much technological connection, most people are suffering from “RELATIONSHIP STARVATION.” The topic of journaling came up and I was prompted to tell Larry about Dr. Mark Virkler and the “4 keys to hearing God’s voice.”

Yesterday as I was preparing my follow up email to Larry, I was serendipitously led to these two outstanding videos with Dr. Mark Virkler

1) Sid Roth’s TV interview of Mark Virkler

2) How does one relate to an invisible God? (Does God exist?)

So what? Now what?

God defines success in terms of faith, not just professed belief in Him, but active, daily, risk-taking trust like that of the great people of Hebrews 11. Trust and faithfulness form the foundation of every relationship.

Without faith it is impossible to please God!” (Hebrews 11:6)

God hungers for you to hear His voice so desperately. This is what God created you for. This is what He called you for. This is God’s heart passion for you. He loves you and wants to give Himself to you.

As I reflect back on this past year (2011), a consistent theme emerges – “Intimacy with God”

  • On January 1, I was prompted to contact Lynne Lee to partner with her to complete the “How To Hear God Speak” coaching program.
  • On January 20, Lynne Lee and I cohosted Patricia King and Dr. Bruce Cook on a webinar titled “Sacred Time, Sacred Place.”
  • On January 26, I officially launched “I Was Busy – Now I’m Not,” my signature coaching program.
  • During the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit in February, I spoke at two of the breakout sessions about “UNCOMMON Journaling For Divine Destiny.”
  • On March 17, I helped Pamela Young launch “Proceed to Advanced Teaching,” her 12-week, online coaching program. As a result of helping Pamela with this, I was led to read through most of the Bible in just 12 weeks.
  • In the Spring through a very serendipitous series of circumstances, I was led to get involved with St Luke’s School in Culpeper, Virginia. Just before the start of the school year, I was asked to teach the Religion class and facilitate the weekly chapel services for the entire school.
  • Yesterday evening I began reading Soul Revolution by John Burke to prepare for the 8-week life group series that starts today.

God is calling you and me to greater intimacy with Him. That is THE KEY to greater fruitfulness in your life, your family, your work, and the “dash” of your life

 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

Yesterday evening I began reading Soul Revolution by John Burke to prepare for the 8-week life group series that starts at Soul Surpose Church today. John has initiated The 60-60 Experiment to draw people closer to God.

60/60 Experiment

More Blessings

1) Communion With God Ministries

2) Is Jesus Really God? (watch outstanding video with Josh McDowell – Attributes of God = Part 1l) –

3) Overflow Today – where we look at ways that the gospel can overflow from you to others

Blessings to draw nearer to God so He will draw nearer to you!

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