Sunday Inspiration: Awaken the Sleeper Within You

28 Apr

While on a group Master’s Mind Marketing (Dream Team) call on April 16, Russel Stauffer, one of the tribe members who lives near Edmonton Canada, mentioned that he and his wife saw Nick Castellano the day before. Nick’s name came up when we were talking about the importance of peace and joy.

for the kingdom of God is … righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)

Awaken the SleeperWhen Russel mentioned “Awaken the Sleeper,” I remembered my conversation with Lex Lamotte several months earlier when he recommended I read Nick’s book and contact Nick about hosting him on a webinar to share his message with my followers around the world. I failed to follow through at that time.

However, on April 16 I ordered Awaken the Sleeper and read it entirely the next day. I absolutely love the Preface and Nick’s daily routine for entering the throne room of Almighty God (Papa). Nick’s stories about how to create your days is incredible. Enjoy.

Preface to Awaken the Sleeper

I now have the following message that came from Awaken the Sleeper posted in my home office and on my bathroom mirror.

Joy, Peace, and Love

If you focus on a positive outcome in an environment of love, joy, and peace and your focus is performed in hope (assurance that it will be done), and this is followed by the action step of faith (acting and feeling as if if were done)), you will collapse the quiff and bring the unseen positive event into the seen.

If you want to download this document to post in your home or workplace, CLICK HERE.

Blessings to awaken the sleeper within you!


More blessings

1) Upcoming Events

I’m excited to report that I just added this new page to my Empower 2000 website for events I plan to be at. Perhaps we can connect in person at one of these.

2) Favorite Leadership Lessons of the week

  • The best thing to do in life is to figure out what you do really well and focus on that.
  • The greater the CLARITY you have on your assignment and dream, the more favor of God you will see on you and the more people who will want to come around you

3) You Have The Power To Change the World by Nancy Duarte

WOW! This week, Nancy Duarte gave an incredible talk at TEDx East on the topic “You Have the Power to Change the World.” If you are a public speaker, you owe it to yourself to watch this 18-minute video. It will give you a completely new paradigm for thinking about your presentations.

4) The Untold Mystery of Lincoln’s Assassination by Gary Beaton (video)

5) The Mystery of the Liberty Bell

The Untold Story of the Crack in America’s Foundation by Gary Beaton

6) Leaderships lessons from Marshall Goldsmith, recently recognized as the most influential leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50 2011/HBR!

7) “Popping a Quiff” by David Van Koevering – short, powerful and encouraging video

8) Andreea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee – The prayer (Live 2008) HD

9) 5 Headline Templates That Grab Readers

Your readers decide whether your blog post is worth their time within a few seconds. Most of that decision is based on the post title.

10) 10 Reasons Why I Refuse to Follow You on Twitter by Jenn

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