Prophetic words for 2014

29 Aug

So many good things happened on the day after hosting the Overcome Procrastination webinar. That really kicked me into high gear. If you haven’t watched the replay, I encourage you to do so. Even if you participated in the live webinar, I still encourage you to watch the replay. You will hear things you did not hear the first go-round.

During the pre-launch for The Dream Summit on Thursday August 21, Phil Zaldatte shared these powerful prophetic words for 2014.

2014 is the year …

  • of the open door – God is opening doors to unprecedented opportunities
  • of financial release – Finances that have been held back by God are being released. God is removing family curses.
  • of divinely ordained relationships
  • to shine bright
  • to soar like eagles

Yesterday (August 28), I invested several hours creating this new video with Phil speaking his message. There is tremendous power in the spoken word. I recommend watching or listening to this message several times. Let it soak deep into your spirit to receive all that God has for you.


Feel free to share the link to this web page with your family and friends.

Remember, procrastination is putting off until later what God wants you to do right now.

If you are ready to go to another level with how you steward your time, I encourage you to sign up for my next I Was Busy, Now I’m Not coaching program before the opportunity passes you by.

Blessings to walk through the open door!

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