Planning For An Extraordinary Year

19 Mar

“Most of us grossly overestimate what we can accomplish over the next few weeks and we grossly underestimate what we can accomplish over the next year. The key thing is to determine to act.” – Pastor Nelson Searcy, The Journey Church, NYC

Therefore, when I was planning this, did I do it lightly? Or the things I plan, do I plan according to the flesh, that with me there should be Yes, Yes, and No, No? (2 Corinthians 1:17)

What is your intentional plan for personal growth?

First of all, I want to say thank you to the people who responded to my request on March 16 for help with marketing ideas. Each email ministered to me. Some of the ideas reminded me of things I had thought of before but failed to implement yet. Others were brand new. The most radical idea that absolutely jumped out at me as something to do this week came from John Kirsch. To see what he and others wrote, CLICK HERE.

Second, I want to say thank you to the people who already invested in (bought) my “UNCOMMON Journaling For Breakthroughs” e-book. I also want to let the rest of you know that I am having a ONE DAY BIRTHDAY SALE on this book. I meant to share about this special offer yesterday morning (March 18), which was my actual 51st birthday. However, I failed to plan adequately to follow through.

Therefore, because it was my mistake in failing to plan and give adequate notice, I am extending the one-day-birthday sale on my book until 11:59 pm EST today (March 19). This journaling e-book with audio and bonus gifts is on sale for $51 (my age). After midnight tonight, the price of the book will jump back to its full retail value of $97. The lowest the price of this book will ever drop again will be $52 and you’ll have to wait a year for that one-day sale when I turn 52. The first 100 people to buy this book will receive special offers and bonuses in the future that will not be available to anyone else.

I want to put this opportunity in proper perspective. If your car needed routine maintenance, you would take it in and have it serviced. That would typically cost more than $97 and your life would not be transformed. Many of you are living lives with malfunctioning parts. Spiritual journaling will transform your life – guaranteed. My book will minister to you.

This book is about so much more than journaling. It’s about experiencing God daily. It’s about coaching you to live the abundant life that Jesus promises, full of passion and adventure. It’s about connecting you to the right people, ideas, and resources to fulfill your God-given destiny. It’s about breaking through in many areas of your life. It’s about manifesting the love and POWER of God.

Finally I want to thank the people who participated in the two webinars I hosted on Tuesday March 17. The first webinar titled “Planning For An Extraordinary Year” had the most profound impact on me of any webinars I have done so far. The comments made by Lynne Lee (U.K) and Karla Meachem (Canada) during open mic time near the end of that webinar were outstanding.

And my interview of Beth Spangler for the webinar titled “A Trophy of God’s Goodness and Greatness” was one of the most touching ones I have ever done. Beth’s TURNAROUND is the most amazing one I have ever personally been involved with.

To listen to or watch these recorded webinars, see today’s link of the day. They are extraordinary!

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for the precious gift of another year of life. Thank You for all the family and friends who showed up yesterday at my home for the surprise birthday party. Thank You for the profound transformation taking place within my family. Thank You for inspiring me to write this “UNCOMMON Journaling For Breakthroughs” book. Thank You that everyone who reads and applies what You share through me in that book will be propelled forward into their destinies. Jesus, You are my King. I praise Your holy name. Amen and Hallelujah!

Blessings of the Day
1) Invest in “UNCOMMON Journaling For Breakthroughs” ebook with audio

 ONE-DAY-BIRTHDAY SALE ends at 11:59 pm EST on March 19. Use coupon code 2009031801

2) “Planning For An Extraordinary Year” – recorded Camtasia video of webinar

3) “A Trophy of God’s Goodness and Greatness” – Beth’s amazing life story of overcoming alcohol and drug addiction

Blessings to plan for an extraordinary year!

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