Need Your Help With Marketing Ideas

16 Mar

Your diamonds are in your backyard!

“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Luke 11:9)

What ideas do you have to market my journaling ebook?

I have a special favor to ask of you. In the past month or so about 70-80 people have downloaded the free introduction to my “UNCOMMON Journaling For Breakthroughs” e-book and two people have invested in (bought) the complete version. Clearly there is great hunger for people to slow down the hectic pace of their lives, develop closer intimacy with God, and discover their soul purposes.

I have set an ambitious goal of selling 100 copies of “UNCOMMON Journaling For Breakthroughs” by March 31, 2009. Two days ago Julia (my wife) and I were brainstorming about best ways to achieve this. One of my strategies is to schedule numerous interviews with radio shows. Among other things, Julia suggested I ask you and others who receive Your Daily Blessing to share your marketing ideas with me.

So that’s my request – for you to ask the LORD for at least one good idea to market my journaling e-book. Then send your idea(s) to me in a reply email, hopefully within 1-2 days of reading this. If you have any particular radio shows you recommend, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you.

Incidentally the price for my complete journaling e-book with audio files is currently $97. On March 18, my 51st birthday, I will be having a one day sale offering the book for only $51. This will be the lowest price for the book from that day forward. The next time I will have a sale similar to this will be my 52nd birthday, when the book is offered for $52. If you’re interested in the journaling e-book, be sure to open my March 18 YDB devotional in time to receive your coupon and order the book. Thanks.

P.S. As an extra incentive, I will give a $100 reward to the person with the marketing idea that bears the greatest fruit in the next 2 weeks.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for each and every subscriber to Your Daily Blessing. Thank You that my diamonds are in my backyard. May you bless many people who read this with uncommon ideas to share with me that will start an epidemic of spiritual journaling around the world. Thank You Jesus. I love You. I trust You. Thank You for always being faithful. Amen and hallelujah!

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“If we don’t act on a good idea within 24 hours, we are less than 50% likely to ever act on it. If we haven’t acted on it inside of days, then we are less than 2% likely to ever act on it.” – Bill Gates


Responses to request for marketing ideas

Subject: RE: Need Your Help With Marketing Ideas
From: Burt Swardstrom []
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 11:42 AM


I’ll plan to celebrate your birthday by purchasing a copy of UNCOMMON Breakthroughs Through Journaling.”

My suggestion for marketing would be to get exposure on the 700 Club and on stations like TBN or the Inspirational Network. Also making a Presentation to Family Christian Stores which have I believe over 300 stores nationwide. Preferably knowing someone who has an in at one of these three places would be most helpful. Maybe sending them an introductory letter with the endorsements and names of people already using the product, along with  link to your web site. If you already know radio or TV hosts even in small markets it could begin there also. Then you can move on to be Oprah’s recommendation!  Ha! Another idea if you know people who are part of a huge pastor’s conference and they would let you make a presentation and have a book table available would be another avenue.

God’s best to you as you help expand His kingdom in the time we have left. I’m excited about your coming on board to help Mastermedia and believe Dr. Poland is getting excited about the potential as well.

Have a great God week!

In His Grip, Your friend,

Burt E. Swardstrom
Director of Communication
Mastermedia International

Taking the world’s most powerful message to the world’s most powerful messengers


From: Kay Lutz
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 1:34 PM
Subject: Re: YDB: Need Your Help With Marketing Ideas

For those of us who had trouble with the price of your book,  I would suggest offering an “easy-pay” plan like they do on QVC, something like 4 payments of $25 a month might look less daunting.  This might give you a bookkeeping problem to solve, but it may increase sales.   I think it takes a spiritual maturity that many people don’t have to have a desire to journal.  

Sincerely,  Kay


Subject: RE: YDB: Need Your Help With Marketing Ideas
From: Jonathan Brooks
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 4:06 PM

Hi Randy,

I had a couple of ideas.
*ebook includes free gift (journaling software)
*discount on journaling class with ebook purchase
*meet the author gathering at church or library, offer 1 free ebook as door prize, special meet the author day discount
* start bible studies where ebook is material for class (required material)
*turn ebook into paperback book, sell separately or together


Subject: How to sell your book
From: John Kirsch
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 4:37 PM

“Medical doctor who hears God talking wrote a book that teaches anyone how to do it”

Call a press conference. This is news every one is interested in. Your book makes an an uncommon claim. That is , you claim it tells people not only how to talk to God but to hear him talking back. You need to convince someone (in the secular news media) that your claim is true. When it is picked up, you will be branded as a “kook” and probably be invited on a late night talk show, the view, Opra, Imus in the morning, or some other talk show. Are you willing to pay that price? When one says we should talk to God every one affirms it. When you say God talks back you, you are labeled a psychopath. St Paul was considered a fool for his claims.That is probably the only way they will run the story. However ,once the story runs you will sell a lot of books and help a lot of people.You might start by trying one or more of the following links:


Blessings to CHOOSE to step into a LIFE of abundance!

Dr. Randy Peck
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Blessings for at least one uncommon marketing idea to share with me!

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