Meeting Men of Power and the Force of Gravity

06 Oct

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

And the people said to Joshua, “The LORD our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey!” (Joshua 24:24)

What would you do if there was no way you could fail?

A few weeks ago, Rick Heeren referred me to Richard Gazowsky, founder of Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks, as a possible web client. Subsequent to that, I began receiving periodic emails from Richard, who lives in San Francisco, CA. Richard’s message below (sent 11:57 PM on Oct 5) was too rich not to pass on.

Hey guys, just back from Argentina.

My family and I were invited by Ed Silvoso to attend his annual  conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I was totally blown away by the quality of people who attended this conference. They definitely had substance where it really matters.  The Apostle Paul once made the observation that the kingdom of God was not filled with blue bloods and highly educated folks but that God has chosen the simple, weak and despised people to provide shock and awe to the gospel message.  That is the very group I met and hung out with this week.  Now I would like to make some observations about the selection process that God seems to use when He picks the people He is going to use to change the world.

The first element I have noticed is that they are risk-takers.  Now let me clarify what I mean when I say risk.  I know many businessmen that take risks on making large sums of money but this usually involves bending the law or using some unethical advantage.  These tactics are even used by some Christian businessmen.  Other Christians often praise them for being wise as serpents but harmless as doves. No, no, no this is not who I see God choosing, for when God calls on people to become risk-takers, He is looking for men to be willing to rip their own personal reputations into shreds for the purpose of obeying God.  One CEO of a large construction company in South Africa demanded that his company quit over estimating their government construction projects even though this practice had been going on for years.  Of course secular competitors and even government officers mocked him and said he was losing his mind.  King David said that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and I personally feel that a man’s inward fear of the Lord determines if God will place him in a place him in a position of influence and power.  For example, Moses was really a social reject by his own confession (I can’t speak, they won’t believe me, etc.) and his reputation was totally inappropriate as a spiritual leader since he had a first-degree murder rap on his Egyptian police report.  So why did God use him?  The reason is that Moses feared the burning bush more than the burning anger of Pharaoh. 

Being a risk-taker is a pretty big element when it comes to determining who among us is going to change the world.  The church is filled with wimpy guys who have no guts and are constantly overly sensitive in building and establishing a clean, spotless, and sterling silver reputation.  You know what, I have found out they can even spray gold leaf on plastic.

Something else stood out at this meeting in Argentina. This was the transfer of power that occurred during very short meetings.  For a lack of knowing how to say it, I will call it the “force of gravity”.  When leaders who have gone through layers and layers of resistance in trying to find the place of obedience under the hand of God, it seems that God gives them an force of attraction that works much like gravity works.  Things come to them with force and power and very little time is spent in negotiation.  The scripture kept coming to me from the words of Moses, “forget not that it is the Lord that giveth thee power to make wealth”. 

Most of the men that I know feel that the only thing they lack is the proper finance and then they can do the work of God.  But I am convinced that nothing could be further from the truth.  What you need is this…element…or thing…maybe it is a force…I don’t know but I know that it is from God…for now I will call it gravity.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for men and women like Richard Gazowsky, who seek to walk in a step by step obedience to Your Word and Holy Spirit. Bless Richard, his family, and Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks. Thank You for the awesome Harvest Evangelism conference that just took place in Argentina. Now water and fertilize the good seeds that were sown with your miracle grow. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to be willing to be a risk taker when it comes to God’s leading!