Fireproof Your Marriage (November 7, 2008)

07 Nov

“Never leave your partner behind!!!” – Fireproof, the Movie

Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart from her husband. But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife. (1 Corinthians 7:10-11)

How do you “fireproof” your marriage?
When will you fireproof your marriage?

God truly works in mysterious ways. Today’s story is an amazing tangle of circumstances with God reaching out to bless marriages right here in Culpeper, but also in Virginia, America, and beyond.

On Tuesday evening November 4 (Election Day), Julia (my wife) and I went to hear Rick Heeren speak at City On A Hill Church in Culpeper, Virginia. Pastor GW Dameron was the gracious host. This was the first time I had ever been to the new location for City On A Hill Church, now located in the same building as AT&T (formerly Cingular), on Route 522 adjacent to Yowell Meadow Park.

What Rick shared was fantastic to fan the flames for community transformation. As Julia and I were getting ready to leave the building, the Holy Spirit prompted Julia to pick up a gorgeous handout on the table at the back of the sanctuary titled “Fireproof Your Marriage: Never Leave Your Partner Behind.” The back of that handout said:

“Learn the secrets to a lasting marriage. Financial pressures, the stress of parenting, differences between men and women, boredom, temptations – they can all scorch a relationship. The fires will come – will your marriage last? Come to City On A Hill Church this week as we start a series called Fireproof Your Marriage. The God who designed marriage intended for it to be a loving, lifelong partnership. Join us as we discuss His plans for indestructible relationships. You’ll find practical insights for building an enduring red-hot marriage.”

The Fireproof Your Marriage handout opened a discussion with GW and us about the 6 week marriage series he is hosting at City On A Hill Church on Saturdays at 6:00 pm EST, starting November 8. Julia and I learned that “FIREPROOF” (the movie) was playing at our local theaters and we talked about watching that movie on Sat Nov 8.

Early yesterday afternoon, my wife asked if I wanted to go with her a few hours later to watch the matinee showing of “The Secret Life of Bees.” Normally I’m not a big movie buff, especially during the work day. But I agreed. When we got to the theater, I asked how much longer “FIREPROOF” would be playing at the theater and found out that was the last day.

So Julia and I watched 2 movies back-to-back – “The Secret Life of Bees” and “FIREPROOF.” For someone who only goes to a movie once every 2-3 months, and never to back-to-back movies, this was peculiar. Both movies were fantastic – extremely wholesome stories. Fireproof starred Kirk Cameron and was made by the creators of “Facing The Giants,” one of my favorite movies of all time.

As a result of the Nov 4 discussion with GW and the FIREPROOF movie yesterday, Julia and I now plan to participate in the “Fireproof Your Marriage” series that starts Saturday November 8 at City On A Hill Church in Culpeper. If you live nearby and are available, we invite you to join us.

Who is FIREPROOF for? According to a blog post titled “Singles loving FIREPROOF,” “it’s for everybody. Kids, parents, older couples, singles. Everybody. Each viewer learns about forgiveness. The movie speaks to all relationships and has application for us all as we accept and serve each other unconditionally.”

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for these two fantastic movies. Thank You for leading Julia and me to watch them together yesterday. Thank You for the “Fireproof Your Marriage” series that starts in Culpeper on Saturday November 8. May everyone who participates be richly blessed. Bless all those who were involved in the making of these two movies. Thank You Jesus. Amen and hallelujah!

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Blessings to fireproof your marriage!

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