Coming Full Circle

16 May

The foundation for healing is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. –

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 118:1)

What people or things does your life revolve around?

Around 6 AM yesterday morning as I was looking for a Link of the Day to complete my devotional titled “Hunter Payne Dies Tragically,” I visited the website for Spiritual Care Support Ministries (SCSM) to see what information they had about Grief Share. In the process of viewing the different web pages at, I saw a photo of Joseph Toth, the Director of Development for SCSM.

Shortly after 8 AM I arrived in the conference room at Culpeper Hospital for the monthly Culpeper Ministerial Association (CMA) meeting. The first person I ran into was Liz Danielsen, the Founder of SCSM. She immediately introduced me to Joseph Toth. I had only met Joseph one time previously and that was at the SCSM center in February 2006 when Rick Heeren’s entire family visited Virginia. Yesterday was Joseph first visit ever to a CMA meeting.

We had 3 major topics on the CMA agenda including a report by Liz Danielsen about SCSM, a follow-up report by Dewey McDonnell about Battle Cry 2007, and an update by me about the Global Day of Prayer Assembly in Culpeper on May 27, 2007. As Liz was sharing her excellent report and wonderful testimonies about SCSM, I realized that God had come full circle. All three topics on the agenda were intimately woven together.

You see, I interviewed Liz about SCSM on my A Life of Blessing TV show in Feb 2005. Because she didn’t have a website yet, I offered to make one for free before the TV show aired. That connected me with Dorothy Slaga, the media specialist for SCSM. When I shared with Dorothy my vision to be a catalyst to transform communities throughout Virginia, she referred me to The Elk River Story, a book written by Rick Heeren.

In March of 2005, my life changed forever when I met Rick Heeren over the phone. I knew God had called me to be a great salesman for the Word of God and to be a catalyst to transform the state of Virginia, but I didn’t know how.

When Rick and his wife, Rachel, first came to Culpeper Virginia in June 2005, Rick said his goal was to establish a beachhead for prayer evangelism. God used him to do that. Within two weeks, Pray Culpeper was birthed and a committed group of marketplace and pulpit ministers began meeting weekly to pray for our community.

Because of Rick’s prayers, teaching, hard work, and influence, I went to the Harvest Evangelism mission trip in Argentina in October 2005. There I met Graham Power, the founder of Transformation Africa, which birthed the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP). Graham’s phenomenal story led me to organize Culpeper’s first GDOP service held on June 4, 2006.

And it was God’s supernatural blessings and favor resulting from the prayers of unity of our Pray Culpeper team that led to a 20 fold multiplication of the tickets to Battle Cry that Dewey was sharing about. That miracle got Dewey and me on stage with Ron Luce, the Founder of Teen Mania, in front of 20,000 teenagers and youth leaders on May 12.

When I told the CMA members about Hunter Payne’s death, I learned that his father is a good friend of Tom Jones, the husband of Pastor Paula Jones, who was facilitating our CMA meeting. Paula shared that Hunter was helping his father cut trees when he was fatally injured. The Holy Spirit immediately convicted me for failing to mention Hunter’s father in my prayer in yesterday’s devotional.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, You truly are amazing when we stop to notice what You are doing and how the people and circumstances of our past are all interrelated. Forgive me for forgetting to ask You to comfort the father of Hunter Payne in yesterday’s devotional. Please do that. May he experience the miraculous healing power of Your love. Heal the hurts of anyone who is reading this message who is struggling with the lost of a love one. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to experience the healing power of God’s love!

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