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One Voice

12 Jan

This morning (January 12), I discovered a powerful testimony left as a comment on the private member site from Adam Dobres, one of the Soaring777 members. In replying to Adam, I was led to the website for his music ministry. After watching his YouTube video titled “One Voice,” I was so inspired I felt led […]

Sunday Inspiration: What is the greatest gift you can give someone?

22 Dec

The greatest gift you can give someone is LOVE. That’s what Jesus said in the Greatest Commandment. And according to Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, love is spelled T.I.M.E. So investing MORE TIME with people is the best way to show your love.  However, we live in a hurry-sick culture in […]

Forgive me for neglecting Your heart

16 Oct

Yesterday morning, despite having a lot of things to do, I chose to take a timeout and obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit to create the blog post “Faith Hill in a Stunning Performance of ‘I Surrender All’” In the process, I ended up listening to various versions of “I Surrender All” for over […]

Faith Hill in a Stunning Performance of “I Surrender All”

15 Oct

This morning I received an email from GodTube titled “Faith Hill in a Stunning Performance of “I Surrender All.” That grabbed my attention because my good friend Rod Stone, who wrote numerous songs for the Marching Through Culpeper Stage Production, believes Faith Hill may sing some of his songs for the Marching Through Culpeper movie. […]

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

21 May

Yesterday morning, I sent my weekly Sunday Inspiration titled “The power of forgiveness and team (unity).” Based on the positive feedback I got from numerous people, that ministered powerfully to a lot of people. At 7:15 pm, I received an email from Marlene, one of my long-time friends. She wrote, “I wanted to say thank […]

America’s Got Talent YouTube Specials – Jackie Evancho’s Back

11 Sep

Wow! Wow! Wow! Jackie Evancho is back. A month ago, on August 13, I sent an email titled “America’s Got Talent YouTube Special – Jackie Evancho.” Of the 1,000+ e-blasts I have sent over the past 4 years, that one had the highest open rate and the most click-throughs ever. Why? Because Jackie is a […]