“Bonhoeffer” author headlines National Prayer Breakfast

09 Feb

Dear friend,

While I was visiting some Kingdom-minded leaders in Gig Harbor, WA (near Seattle) on Sat Feb 4, two of the people who attended the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb 2 told me how extraordinary that event was this year.

Today I received an email from a relative telling about the rousing keynote speech delivered by Eric Metaxis, author of the New York Times bestselling ‘Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy’ (Thomas Nelson, 2010).

Eric urged the assembled audience of over 3,500 leaders from the United States and around the world — including President Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle — to follow the example of the martyred German pastor in boldly living their faith and loving both their enemies and the ‘least of these’ — including political opponents, minorities and the unborn. He finished by leading the assembled in a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’.

I just watched the 90 minute video of that National Prayer Breakfast. What an encouraging prayer event. When you have time, I recommend you watch the video.

CLICK HERE to watch this video.

Metaxas had the audience — and President Obama — in uproarious laughter throughout, but particularly when, in referencing his 624-page bestselling biography of Bonhoeffer and handing it to the President, he said ” … President George W. Bush read this. So … no pressure.”

Blessings to be encouraged by this amazing prayer event!

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