Be Still

01 Jan

“If ever there was an age that needed the practice of solitude and silence, it’s now!” – Tim Lundy

BE STILL … and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)

What step(s) will you take in 2007 to practice solitude and silence?

Today begins day #1 of my sabbatical year – a year of rest. Each year since 2003, I have chosen a theme verse for the year. Until just two days ago, I was asking God to let me know His choice for a theme verse for 2007. After watching the “Be Still” DVD on December 30, I immediately knew my theme verse for 2007 is “Be still and know.” That is God’s message for the entire world!!!

The “Be Still” DVD came of me in a box with several other valuable goodies in mid December as a Christmas gift from my dear friend Burt Swardstrom. Burt serves as Director of Communications for Mastermedia International.

Here is what the DVD cover says:

“Be Still” is an extraordinary film that demonstrates how contemplative, or “listening” prayer can be a vital way to find peace in the midst of a frenzied, fast-paced, modern world. Featuring interviews with some of today’s most highly respected authors, pastors, and educators, “Be Still” examines the importance of silence and reflective prayer as a way to receive God’s guidance in everyday life.

“Be Still” also features a useful “how-to” section that shows how contemplative prayer can be used to return to a more simple life, and reaffirm that which is truly important.

Prayer Power
Father, Abba, Daddy, I’m still and I’m listening. Thank You for You. Thank You for opening my eyes of understanding to who Jesus really is and what He did for me. Bless me and those who read this message with habits to practice solitude and silence to be still and know that You are God. You will exalted in the whole earth. We bless You Jesus. Amen!

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Blessings to BE STILL and know!

Your Daily Blessing News
The devotionals this week are dedicated to the “Be Still” theme.

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