Are you on the right path?

26 Jun

All Access Pass: Creating a key to your whole life

The highest heavens belong to God, but the earth He has given to man. (Psalm 115:16)

The primary responsibility of believers, of followers of Jesus, is to bring heaven to earth, not to one day go to heaven. – Pastor Shane Willard

This morning I found an email from Steve Connell, my business coach in New Zealand. What he wrote jumped off the page for me personally.

I was listening to a DVD from Pastor Shane Willard who speaks here every year. He is from the US (down south) and is a psychologist as well as sitting under a Jewish Rabbi. He opens the Word giving Jewish context in a way I have never heard before. Anyway he spoke about being on the right path. It’s the path we are actually on that determines our destination not the intention of our hearts. Habits and your current path based on current belief systems trumps the intention of your hearts every time, he says. So he asks “Are you on the right path?The right path brings the blessings of God, so that is one check point.

If you are in the middle of reassessing your product right now we may as well look at the belief systems and consequent assumptions that sit behind you doing what you are currently doing and look at these from every perspective. I will send you some more thoughts I have on this later if you would like. Let me know. This is getting down to the nitty gritty stuff but it may help.

Steve’s email prompted me to do a YouTube search to learn more about Pastor Shane Willard and his message about the paths we are on. My search for truth led to these videos. Then I was prompted to write this message and share the videos with you. Enjoy and may Shane’s message sink deeply into the core of your being.

All Access Pass by Shane Willard (Part 1)

All Access Pass by Shane Willard (Part 2)

All Access Pass by Shane Willard (Part 3)

All Access Pass by Shane Willard (Part 4)

All Access Pass by Shane Willard (Part 5)

Blessings to understand and receive Shane Willard’s teaching!

Blessings to get on the right path!

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