The Second Day of Christmas – Christian Life Coach Training

14 Dec

The Second Day of Christmas

Welcome to “The Second Day of Christmas – Christian Life Coach Training.”

The most practical and effective training I have ever had in my life was Christian Life Coach Training. And believe me, I had lots of training as a physician.

In the Spring of 2010 after I had been coaching my son for a few months, he told me the greatest gift I could have ever given him was my coaching.

My coach training has affected how I listen to people, the depth of my conversation, and the fruitfulness my clients experience.

Today (Wed Dec 14) at 2:30 pm Eastern Time, Lynne Lee and Janet Daughtry are offering a free online seminar answering your questions about Biblical life coaching.

CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up

If you have a passion to help people experience breakthroughs in their thinking, values, and life purpose, this seminar will benefit you.

Lynne and Janet will be discussing

  • What life coaching is
  • How coaching is different to counseling and mentoring
  • Why coaching from a Christian perspective is more effective than secular coaching
  • The benefits of life coaching
  • How coaching skills help in ministry, business, family, and everyday life
  • What qualities you need to be an effective coach
  • Life coach training with the Life Breakthrough Academy
  • Topics covered in the course
  • A taste of the power of coaching – A Life coaching exercise that will help you to start transforming your life today

CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up

If you’d like to know more about Biblical coaching or you are thinking of training to be a life coach, join Lynne and Janet for this free online seminar and get your biggest questions answered.

By the way, if you’re interested, here is an archive with hyperlinks for The 12 Days of Christmas

Blessings to help people experience breakthroughs!

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