Is Margarine A Health Food?

02 Jan

“Altered partially hydrogenated fats made from vegetable oils actually block utilization of essential fatty acids, causing many deleterious effects including increased blood cholesterol, sexual dysfunction, and paralysis of the immune system, to name only a few.”  Sally Fallon

So he took butter and milk and the calf which he had prepared, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree as they ate. (Genesis 18:8; NKJ)

How much do I know about the “fats” I eat?

The purpose of this devotional is to promote healthy families. Good physical health is one of the most valuable assets any of us can have. Today’s message comes directly from Sharon Graham’s “Daily Gram” on Nov 27. Learn how you can live a healthier life by subscribing to Sharon and Jerry Graham’s “Daily Gram” at

A raging debate still continues over whether margarine is better for you than butter. Food advertisers daily bombard us with “tantalizing” commercials espousing the many “benefits” of margarine. And many, many recipes call for margarine. People have been told for years that butter causes high cholesterol levels and that margarine was the better choice. REALLY???

Many of you now know that was a bold faced lie! Perhaps others have never really understood the debate. So, for those folks who still buy (and eat) margarine, hold onto your hat. You’re in for a wild ride.

Most of what I’ll share here comes from Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions. However, there are many other resources that substantiate the ills of eating margarine. Margarine is a “partially hydrogenated fat.” This hydrogenation process uses the cheapest oils–soy, corn, cottonseed, or canola, already rancid from the extraction process, (and now heavily genetically modified) and mixes them with nickel oxide. The oil with the nickel catalyst is then subjected to hydrogen gas in a high-pressure, high-temperature reactor.

Next, soap-like emulsifiers are squeezed into the mixture to give it a better consistency, and then steam cleaned at high temperatures to remove its unpleasant odor. The natural color of margarine is an unappetizing grey, so bleaching is next in the process. Dyes and strong flavors must then be added to make it resemble butter. Finally, the mixture is compressed and packaged into blocks or tubs and sold as a “health food.”

This very unnatural hydrogenation process alters the chemical structure of the fats causing “trans fats.” Trans fats are the true enemy of the heart causing elevations of the LDL cholesterol and lowering HDL cholesterol levels; the opposite of what the body needs. Trans fats cause inflammation in the body contributing to diabetes, obesity, immune system dysfunction, and birth defects, to name only a few of the many disease conditions associated with eating trans fats.
To make sure you’re not eating them, begin reading food labels. If you see the words “partially hydrogenated oils” of any kind, avoid it! Choose real butter instead!

Prayer Power
Father, thank You for Your wisdom and for the ability You give us to sort out fact from myth. We thank You for continuing to reveal truth to us.

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Blessings for the wisdom to choose healthy fats to eat!

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