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26 Aug

When you change your thinking and your HABITS, you will change your life.

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are glad. (Psalm 126:3)

Do you want a LIFE coach to help you break through in your finances, wellness, habits, purpose, or rest?

Last week, we began a series titled “When God Writes Your Life Story” about the art of living – Christ-enabled living, impossible living, heroic living. We discussed “Trading in Your Ordinary Life , “Dreaming the Impossible,” and “Packing Up Our Tents.” But it’s been proven that information alone is not transformational. It’s when you change your thinking and your HABITS, that you will change your life.

Rev. Rick Warren, who has more books about preaching than anyone else in the world, says the purpose of preaching is to change lives. And the purpose of the Bible is to change lives. My goal in sowing into YOUR life is to help guide you into a life of abundance – to help you experience a life of blessing.

Over the past year, Dr. Jerry Graham has been my top coach and mentor. He is one of the most well read men I have ever personally known. Together Jerry and I have developed a series of Journaling courses that combine LIFE coaching with UNCOMMON journaling to help YOU break through in various areas of your life and function at a much higher level.

As a physician and Lifeforming Leadership Coach, my focus is on WELLNESS of leaders, businesses, and communities. Over the past 7 years, I have become one of the most experienced journalers in the world. Meanwhile, Jerry has become one of the most experienced DESTINY coaches in the world. Now as TEAM DESTINY coaches, we want to share our wealth of experiences to bless YOU in UNCOMMON ways.

The purpose of our journaling courses and memberships is to change lives. Journaling is one of the healthiest spiritual habits one can have. The combination of coaching and journaling will change YOUR Life and result in dramatic breakthroughs.

This is a bold statement. “What do you have to back that up?” you may ask. Well here is what two participants had to say after successfully completing our five week “UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny” course:

Dan Paulsen wrote, “What a blessing! Journaling and using The Journal is revolutionizing my life.” Dan is a certified human behavior consultant and LIFE and business coach.

According to my pastor, Matt Gregory, “Probably the biggest benefit for me is just, I got focused again on what my unique life purpose is and mission is to be and started once again tying in my daily habits and responsibilities to those things. It has given me more focus on my work. It has given me more energy to be excited about those things.”

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, everyone has the same 24 hours in each day, yet some people accomplish far more than others and live an amazing life on Your behalf. Help us to be good stewards with our time and our habits. Thank You Jesus. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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“UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny” webinar on Wed August 27

Blessings to choose to find someone to help you breakthrough!

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