Unchanging Roles in a Changing World

16 Apr

Your family first, your business second!

for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth, (Ephesians 5:9)

How are you doing at fulfilling your role as comforter for your family?

If you want to be successful in business, your family must come first. Executives who value families more than their businesses have their priorities in correct order. Those executives are far more productive. Their creative energy is greater and they are far more relaxed and confident.

Today is day #3 in our series about “The Positive Family” by Arvella Schuller. Arvella credits Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale with helping set her priorities in right order. After 5 years of marriage, Arvella rearranged her priorities as follows: Husband first; children second; career third; music fourth; volunteer organizations fifth. Arvella says “What a difference this one major choice has made in my ability to relax in my daily scheduling decisions.”

No matter how absurd life around us may seem, it’s important not to lose site of four universal, unchangeable roles: God wants us to be comforters, companions, counselors, and committers for our own family.

COMFORTER: A changing world is a hurting world. Whenever there is change, there comes tremendous insecurity and fear. “How can I cope?” is a question we often hear. Husbands fear that wives will change and vise versa. Parents fear that children will change. Rule #1 as comforter is “Never be negative.” Rule #2: Let your family know what your priorities are and let them know they are first in your life. In being a comforter to your spouse, frequently ask yourself the question “What can I do that will comfort her/him?’”

COMPANION: When our family senses that we are each other’s comforters, they will see the next unchanging role – that of a companion. But a helpful companion must first be a comforter. Rule #1 of a companion is: Be available.

COUNSELOR: A changing world is also a confusing world, and so within the walls of a home, we need to be counselors to each other. Husbands counseling wives, wives counseling husbands, parents counseling children, and yes, children giving counsel to parents. None of us can succeed as counselor if we ignore the first two requisites of being a positive and loving comforter and companion.

Rule #1 for the counselor is: Be a good listener! What are they really saying? Rule #2 is: Always end a counseling moment with a compliment or a positive affirmation to your companion. Rule #3: Use the gift within you called “common sense.” Use your head and your heart will follow. Rule #4: Accept the counsel of your children and mate.

COMMITTER: A changing world is a chaotic world when there is no abiding commitment to each other. We need to be committed to our family members. Insecurity is the root cause of many of the problems that plague not only our families but all of society. Lack of commitment is a malignant cell that produces this cancer.

Prayer Power
Father, family is the basic building block of society. In this ever-changing world, help us to put and keep family first, ahead of work and volunteer activities. Guide us to be comforters, companions, counselors, and committers to those we love the most. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Link of the Day
Family First – strengthens the family through programs such as the Family Minute with Mark Merrill, All Pro Dad and numerous free resources on parenting [www.familyfirst.net]

Blessings to fulfill your role as comforter, companion, counselor, and committer for your family!