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Favor to ask … KEYS To Wellness Telesummit

20 Sep

Do you know that in a large survey done 2-3 years ago, Wellness was the #2 hot button in people’s lives next to Finances? Well, I can tell you as a physician who practiced clinical medicine for 25 years until 2006 that most doctors haven’t been trained adequately in the area of Wellness – keeping […]

Sunday Morning Inspirations: 4 Important Questions + Lots More

19 Sep

A few months ago, Jeff Herring began sending Sunday Morning Inspiration’s. They’re short, sweet, and packed with inspirational content. The title of Jeff’s email this morning was “Sunday Morning Inspiration: 4 Important Questions.” After reading his email, I visited Jeff’s blog and watched his short 4 Important Questions Video. That’s good. This morning, I decided […]