Sunday Inspiration: What measurement do you want God to use for your blessing?

26 Jun

The Jesus Feast

Less is more!

Today’s theme is Simplicity and Forgiveness.

On June 21, my wife Julia and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in simple fashion. We had lunch together at Chiles in Culpeper and later that evening we took our dog Maui to Yowell Meadow Park to play and swim. We met two young kids from out of town who had a blast with Maui.

We’ve certainly had our fair share of trials and challenges during our married years. It’s been God’s grace and mercy that have sustained us and kept us happily married. And part of that is having the support and love of wonderful parents and families.

During the past two weeks, Celene, my worker in the Philippines, and I have put in a lot of time updating The Jesus Feast blog created by Dr. Mary Ellen Schoonover. Those messages and videos are having a profound impact on me. Mary Ellen told me she typically watches about 20 videos before choosing the final one for each day.

When I read this Day #84 message by Mary Ellen and watched the video, I knew this was the one I was to share with you and my other followers this week. Kindness and love do not condone or grant approval for ungodly actions and lifestyles, but rather offer God’s love and mercy as an invitation to change one’s mind and change direction.

What measurement do you want God to use for your blessing?

Song: A New Commandment by Daniel Makoya

And that YouTube video led me to the website and blog of its creators – Daniel and Valerie Markoya.

Note: The beautiful image of the sunset above was taken by my daughter and her fiance during a recent visit to Sedona Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for your mercy and grace that sustain me each and every day. Thank You for the 30 wonderful years of marriage to Julia. Thank You for keeping us together through all the trials and hardships. Thank you that my parents and her parents were great role models and provided loving support throughout the years. Thank You for Dr. Mary Ellen Schoonover and the tremendous blessing she has been to me personally. Thank You for leading her to prepare The Jesus Feast messages and videos to invite people to feast at Your banqueting table. May today’s message and video inspire my followers to forgive so they can live for You!

Blessings to forgive and love as Jesus did!

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