How To Hear God’s Voice

13 Nov

On October 27, 2010 I began weekly Breakthrough Life Coaching sessions with Lynne Lee, who lives in Derby, U.K. She and Renato Amato from Italy are strategic players for “The Spiritual Triangle Between Virginia, the U.K. And Italy.”

After just two weeks of Breakthrough Life Coaching, Lynne has begun experiencing extraordinary breakthroughs in several areas of her life. For example, Lynne now plans to offer “How To Hear God’s Voice” as a coaching program and she’s writing a book this weekend that will be published and become a whole series of books.

The following is the November 9 post by Lynne Lee at the Christian Life Coaching Cafe titled “This is a powerful way to hear God”. If you haven’t to Lynne’s Cafe, I highly recommend you do so. It’s free, highly inspirational, and very popular with more than 3,500 subscribers.


Life works much better when you operate out of spending time with the Father and hearing His heart for you. When I want to know what God has to say to me I make time to sit undisturbed and write in my journal.

Today I sense the Father asking me to share one of last week’s journal entries with you.

On November 3rd I wrote:

What do you want me to know today Father? I’m here to listen, I love hearing what you have to say to me.

This is what I sensed the Lord say in reply:

I really am your Daddy. Believe it. you are precious to Me and what matters to you matters to Me.

I love the way you are drawing aside to have special times of communion with Me. Think of how you are with your children and how it gladdens your heart when they choose to spend time with you and ask for your wisdom.

Know that I love you. I will provide all you need and direct your paths. Remember what I said about focus. Focus on one thing and complete it before moving onto the next.

I am giving you tools and support to help you do what I have called you to do. Be reassured that you are on the path that I have mapped out for you.

It is My idea that you offer How To Hear God’s Voice as a coaching program. People are hungry and they are looking for Me, desperate to know how to hear Me. Run with it, have fun with it and listen for My voice in it. I will direct your steps and show you what it looks like.

You have wisdom because you take time to listen. You will be more in demand. Before you say yes to invitations check to see that it is where I am working, and have the courage to say no even to good things that will simply keep you busy.

You know more than you know you know. You hear more than you know you do. Many times when you have spontaneously thought to do something it has been My prompting. Have the courage to follow those promptings even when they seem silly to you.

Continue to delight in me. IMMERSE yourself in the things that are dear to My heart and yours and be free to be you. I love you and so do your family and friends. You don’t need to try to be like anyone else, simply be you. Who you are in me is delightful. You cause my heart to sing and I delight to bless you.

Know that you walk in my blessing and enjoy it. Enjoy what I give you and enjoy who you have become. Delight yourself in abundance and prepare to be surprised at what I will do.

You are being used to transform many lives, your reach is further than you know.

It’s time to CELEBRATE. Celebrate what I have done and who you have become. Celebrate and know that my goodness and loving kindness last forever.

Pick up the threads I hand you and I will show you how to weave them into a beautiful tapestry. Don’t concern yourself with what it will look like, simply follow my directions and know that it will be beautiful. I will take care of everything just like good daddies do.

Journaling is a powerful way to tune into what the Lord is saying, I hope you are encouraged to try this for yourself.

If this way of hearing God is new to you I suggest you download the first chapter of Joseph Peck’s Journaling For Breakthroughs book for free. Just click on this link

And for added measure, here is part of today’s journal entry, I am blessed indeed :)

I began by chattering –

It’s a red letter day! No accident that I am writing in red today. Interesting to note that the Lord is already speaking through events and coincidences. Why is today so significant? Because I am writing a book that will be published. How exciting is that!! It will become a whole series of books….

It feels like you have brought me back to why I went online in the first place – to help people with the help that helped me. If my excitement is anything to go by then I have come home and am about to walk into my destiny. I need to know whether this is an idol that will get in the way and detract from my true purpose…But enough from me, I want to know what you have to say…

Still and quiet your soul and wait. there’s no rush, sit a while with Me and rest. Bask in My presence and let’s enjoy one another.

Just as your lounge echoes light and nourishes the soul, restoring peace, so will you. Your mission is to do people good. Your books will give people who can’t meet with you one on one an opportunity to benefit from the wisdom I have placed in you.

Your name is no accident – Lynne – by the pool or waterfall, refreshing one. You bring encouragement and refreshment wherever you go. Your books will bring hope and encouragement, they will provide keys. Run with this, it is my doing, it was My idea.

Think on how this began. It was born out of prophecy and vision. What is happening now is the fulfillment of a lifetime of desire and longing. I planted the desire to write. I have riches for you to share and now is the time to release them. These last few years have laid the foundation and infrastructure to make it possible.

Keep on dreaming, dream with Me and dare to do what you once thought to be impossible, nothing is impossible with me. I AM the God of infinite possibilities. Partner with Me and allow My Holy Spirit to lead you and show you the way.

Know that you CAN do what I have called you to do. When I call I also equip and you are well equipped.

Enjoy this time and know that the best is yet to come. Put aside any doubts you have and know that I am the enabler…I will enable you to do this. I will give you what you need when you need it and I will show you how.

I have already connected you with the people who can help and support and cheer you on. You will see your dreams come into being, and hope fulfilled will be like a tree of life.

In the physical realm winter is fast approaching but for you spring is here. the long dormant seeds are bursting forth into life. Enjoy the garden I AM creating for you. Delight in my creation and know that I do all things well.

Be blessed to be a blessing,


Journaling For Breakthroughs first chapter

Blessings to learn to hear God’s voice!

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