Happiness is Being Married

19 Apr

The secret of a successful marriage is commitment.

Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8)

If you are married, are you dating your spouse every week?

A good marriage makes a successful family so much easier. In her book “The Positive Family,” Arvella Schuller shares a story about her conversation with a young psychologist who specialized in marriage counseling. Arvella asked him, “What are the most common problems you encounter with your patients?” His answer surprised her: “All of the problems in marriage fall into two categories: SELFISHNESS and/or IMMATURITY.” He went on to explain that these two negative characteristics take on many different forms of expression.

The “I want what I want when I want it” attitude will destroy a marriage before it has a chance to develop into the beautiful intimate relationship of “oneness” that marriage is designed for.

In all of life, when the emphasis is on the “giving” instead of the “getting,” something magical happens, and in no area is this philosophy more important or practical than in the marriage relationship.

The secret of a successful marriage is commitment. And commitment means to eliminate all negative alternatives and discharge all negative options until your only choice is the challenge to succeed.

Love must be constantly growing into a more precious, vibrant, and abundant relationship. Your relationships are constantly changing; they are either getting better or worse. Bathe your most important ones in prayer.

One key to having a vibrant relationship is “Never stop dating each other!” Arvella says that long ago she and Bob made the commitment to set aside Monday night for the rest of their lives as a date night. Never did they double-date on their special night together. It was just the two of them. Good marriages don’t just happen, we need to make them happen.

Prayer Power
Loving Father, priorities in most families in America are way out-of-whack. More than 75% of children are growing up in homes without both of their biological parents. Parents are putting children ahead of their relationships with their spouses. The pain of divorce is rippling through our society. Busyness is destroying relationships. Covetousness is leading to growing financial debt. Yet You LORD are on Your throne. Nothing surprises You. Draw us near to You to fix the root of our problems, namely turning away from You and Your Word. Teach us to die daily to ourselves in all areas of our lives so we will rise to new life in You. Bless our families! Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
It’s Not About You by Charles R. Swindoll

Blessings to experience commitment in your most important relationships!

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