God Knows

03 Feb

“God knows your faults and failures, but he still loves you unconditionally.” – Beth Spangler

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

How does knowing that God knows everything motivate you to live a godly life?

I’m passionate about helping people, including you, share their God stories, products, and services with the world. That’s what JIREH Marketing is all about – combining 1) Journaling (to hear God’s voice), 2) Coaching (for support, encouragement, and accountability), and 3) Web 2.0 (relationship marketing) for EXPLOSIVE KINGDOM IMPACT.

In mid December, I asked my intercessory prayer team to pray that God would send me 3 JIREH Marketing interns to work for me for free for 3 months so I could train them to train others – that’s discipleship. On Saturday January 10, exactly 3 people showed up for the very first JIREH training session and made the 3 month commitment. Now all three of those people, including my pastor, Matt Gregory, have their own blogs and have begun blogging.

One of those 3 interns is Beth Spangler, who has an absolutely amazing God story of deliverance and restoration. Beth has already written 5 wonderful blog posts since we created her blog on Jan 9. Her latest blog is titled “God Knows” and discusses God’s unconditional love. It’s interesting that this past Sunday (Feb 1), Matt happened to begin his February sermon series titled “Unconditional.”

To read Beth’s blog posts, visit today’s Blessings of the Day.

God’s vision: Because of the help of my interns, our team was able to help start more than 10 new blogs for various people and organizations during January alone. It’s my hope and prayer that during 2009, TEAM DESTINY can work together to launch more than 10,000 new blogs. A prerequisite to belong to the TEAM DESTINY tribe is a JIREH Marketing Membership.

Prayer Power
Papa, thank You for Beth Spangler and the miracle You have worked in her life. Thank You for your thoughts you think toward me of peace to give me a future and a hope. Help me and my readers to grasp and experience your unconditional love in deeper and richer ways. Thank You Jesus. Amen and hallelujah!

Blessings of the Day
Beth777.com – “Beth for Jesus” blog

“JIREH Marekting: Empowering Christian Women” webinar (11 am EST today)

“Experiencing God Through Journaling: Life and Relationship Enrichment” webinar (6 pm EST today)

Blessings to be motivated to live a godly life knowing God knows everything!

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