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Sunday Morning Inspirations: Be Thou My Vision

23 Jan

We’re living in such strange and stressful times. Uncertainy abounds. Debt is escalating. Unemployment remains high. Oil prices are rising again. Some experts are forecasting financial collapse in America soon. Psalms 11:3 asks, “If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” The answer is keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Sunday Morning Inspirations: BE Content

07 Nov

The title of last week’s Sunday Morning Inspiration was “BE in the moment!” It’s interesting that at the 96th annual Culpeper Chamber banquet on Thursday November 4, the keynote speaker from the Virginia Tourism Corporation shared how multitasking is harmful, diluting your focus and impact. How many times each day, each week, do you find […]

Sunday Morning Inspirations: Jubilee – Are You Ready?

24 Oct

In his two-part video teaching, Craig Hill gives historical and biblical background and understanding into the world’s economy. Through this revelation, you will see how the cycles of economy are misunderstood by many believers and how the enemy uses this to enslave God’s people. Once you understand what Jubilee is all about, you will want […]