A Very Special Tribute

18 Oct

“Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.” Mark Twain

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is worth more than precious rubies. Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She will not hinder him but help him all her life….When she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule when she gives instructions. She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness. Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her: “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised. (Prov. 31:10-42, 26-30, NLT)

What part do you play in creating an environment of perfect love?

On Monday October 15, Jerry and Sharon Graham officially celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. As mentioned in my devotional on August 20, they are two of the nicest, neatest, and influential people I have met in 2007. From the privacy of their home, they are coaching hundreds of leaders to grow and be all they can be. In addition, they are helping thousands of people learn about and apply principles of “wellness” – staying healthy.

Here’s a  touching story about the sovereignty of God. Early in the morning on October 15, Jerry mustered the courage to send a daily email reflection titled “A Very Special Tribute” to publically acknowledge and honor Sharon after 25 years of marriage. To read Jerry’s message, visit today’s Link of the Day. It’s a great lesson about honor and marriage for all of us.

Around 5:30 PM, Jerry and Sharon left home to have their anniversary dinner at a restaurant. However, after driving about 11 miles, they realized they forgot their coupon for the restaurant, so they turned around to come back home and get that. In the brief while they were home, two different floral trucks drove up at separate times to drop off two huge bouquets of flowers from friends in Pennsylvania. Those acts of kindness really touched Sharon’s heart.

Jerry told me that he’s quite sure the two different couples who sent those bouquets did so in response to his devotional sent earlier in the day. How’s that for an anniversary gift from God?

This is yet another confirmation of God’s uncommon revelation that a daily email with short stories and a prayer in the #1 way to grow your network and build strong relationships. It’s also a great example of the Pay It Forward principle which I’ll discuss tomorrow.

Prayer Power
Lord, I thank you for the most magnificent gift of my wife. You have touched so many lives through her…including mine. Grant her great favor as she so unselfishly serves others as a friend, mentor, or even just as an acquaintance. Bless her in all that she says and does. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
A Very Special Tribute – devotional by Jerry Graham honoring his wife

Blessings to honor your spouse!