26 Years Ago Today

21 Jun

When you treat your wife as a “good thing,” you will understand the favor of the LORD.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. (Proverbs 18:22)

How do you treat your spouse?
How would your spouse say you treat her/him?

26 years ago today, Julia and I got married. Next to committing my life to Jesus in January 2001, this was the greatest day of my life. Julia is one of the most loving and generous people I have ever known. I don’t just say that because we’re married. Everywhere we have lived, there have been numerous people who have considered Julia their best friend.

Julia and I met in a “Probability” math class in the very first class of her first day of classes at the University of Virginia. I asked her to be in a study group and the rest is history. What is the probability of that? Now our son attends the University of Virginia.

But this picture wasn’t always so rosy. For many years in the middle of our married life, I didn’t treat Julia well from God’s perspective. The turning point in my mind and heart came when I invited Jesus to be LORD of my life.

Prayer Power
LORD Jesus, when I asked You to be the third strand of the cord in my marriage a few years ago, You did and You saved our marriage and our family. Right now, some of the people reading this message feel their marriages are hopeless and they’re ready to jump ship. On behalf of them, I stand in the gap and cry out to You. Be the third strand of the cord for their marriages. Bring people into their lives to encourage, coach, and mentor them. Thank You that all things are possible to those who believe. Amen!

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Blessings to treat your spouse in a godly manner!
Blessings to be treated by your spouse in a godly manner!