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09 Nov

Godly coaches love to help others discover who they are and live out their destiny!

Indeed I have given him as a witness to the people, A leader and commander for the people. (Isaiah 55:4)

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Leadership coaching is what today’s Christian leaders are looking for — a coach to cheer them on, challenge them to go deeper and reach higher, and help them stay focused on fulfilling their life purpose.

Do you have the heart of a Christian coach? Many ministry leaders who’ve been through coach training say they’ve been coaching all their lives, they just never realized it. Coaches love to help others discover who they are and live out that destiny, and are energized by seeing people transformed at a deep level. Raising up leaders, building transparent relationships, and seeing the potential in people are all a big part of Christian coaching.

Three days ago on November 6, I had the privilege to participate in a phone conference call with Dan Tingley and Joseph Umidi. Joseph is the founder of Transformational Leadership Coaching (TLCI). Dan owns 3 companies and works part-time for TLCI. The call was arranged to discuss a partnership to multiply and magnify the impact of TLCI. One of our goals is to transform healthcare by coaching the leaders of that industry.

How did this connection come about? By obedience! As I was journaling on August 23, the Holy Spirit gave me a crystal clear instruction that I must go to the Leadership Roundtable on August 27-28. This meeting was co-hosted by the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM) and Regent University at the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach.

So on August 27, I drove 3.5 hours from Culpeper to Virginia Beach. By God’s grace, traffic flow was great and I arrived slightly early at the Founder’s Inn. The very first person I met when I walked into the large meeting room was Dan Tingley. He was manning the TLCI display table. Over the next day and a half, we developed a spiritual bond.

TLCI has trained about 1,000 certified Christian LIFE coaches to train leaders in the marketplace. Of those 1,000, about 10% (100) are certified LIFE coach trainers able to train new LIFE coaches. TLCI is applying the principles of multiplication. In January 2007, I plan to go through TLCI’s formal coach training myself.

Prayer Power
Jesus, I praise You as my Master and the ultimate transformational leadership Coach. Thank You for coaching me with Your holy Word and mentors. Thank You for my greatest spiritual gift – to be a LIFE coach. Thank You for Joseph Umidi, Dan Tingley, and TLCI. Bless my partnership with them. Bless us with uncommon favor, uncommon ideas, and uncommon networking to multiply and magnify Your impact in the marketplace. Grow our team. We commit our plans to you. Thank You for Your promise that when we do that, our plans will succeed. Amen and Hallelujah!

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Blessings to see transformational leadership coaching multiply across Virginia and America!

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