The Hebrew year 5775

21 Jan

From: Lance Learning
Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 5:40 PM
To: Joseph Peck
Subject: Don’t Miss Lance’s Latest on 2015 the Hebrew year 5775!


Lance Wallnau speaking about the Hebrew year 5775There’s a great contest in the spirit realm that is connected to and revealed by world events such as the civic unrest in Ferguson and New York and the recent terrorist events in Paris. The warfare is setting things up for the advancement of the kingdom…IF WE CAN SEIZE THE MOMENT.

We are entering the season that Mike Bickel spoke about saying: “The Lord visited me in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1982, and said: “l will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.” The words “Changing the understanding” speak of the way unbelievers will perceive the Church. Today, many unbelievers see the Church as irrelevant – but that is about to change.

You are being divinely positioned for a global shift. The church is awakening to its role in addressing the unsolved and unresolved issues of our time. It is being forced into engagement.

If you have ever felt the calling of a “Joseph,” you need to watch this update because JOSEPHS ARE BEING RELEASED NOW. The purpose of your rising is this: “Go into all the world and make disciples of nations. Penetrate every world system and demonstrate the power of the kingdom as an alternative to the anarchy, anger, and lawlessness that a world without Jesus is destined to produce.”

Joseph was given the ability to model three aspects of an end time people:
1. He saw the future.
2. He had insight into what to do next.
3. He became the trusted advisor to those in power.

ARE YOU READY? In the year 2015 there will be unexpected chaos and unprecedented progress for the kingdom. It is the hour of increased manifestation of Heaven and Hell – BUT IN THIS CONFLICT LIGHT WILL DISPLACE THE DARKNESS.

This is the time to:
REMEMBER the original dream God gave you
REFINE your strategy. Watch for new alignments and unexpected opportunities.

It feels like NFL Spiritual “Super Bowl” Time! The BIG game is about to start. Its the thing you have been preparing for your whole life.

This webinar will empower you to enlarge your SPHERE OF INFLUENCE in your work, your calling, your assignment.

2015 is the year of “Turn Around’ and “MANIFESTATION.” In Hebrew numbers it is the year 5775.

  • 5 and 7 are repeated twice because it is doubly established! 5 is the Hebrew word/number “Hei” It is formed by taking the number 4 and adding a Hebrew mark called a “Yud.” Rabbis teach that this “Yud”steps into the open door that is formed by the number 4.
  • When the 5 is out front it means “Lo”as in “Lo and behold – Watch and See!”
  • God is about to step through the door He formed for your life.
  • The number 5000 (in 5774) is the Hebrew word= “Beautiful”
  • 700 is the Hebrew word for “Zion” and “Kingdom” and is formed by the symbol of a sword and crown working together!
  • 7 is the Hebrew word for “SEE”

This the the year the loose ends come together and God steps into the door and reveals the beauty of His plan. A remnant is being positioned to manifest the wisdom of Christ and the authority of His kingdom!

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“As One”

Lance & Annabelle Wallnau


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  1. RJ Rupp June 17, 2015 at 2:59 pm #

    This all was very good. I do Identify with much that was said.

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