Talk Less, Listen More

09 Feb

A coach is a personal change expert!

“let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak” (James 1:19)

How effective is your listening?
How effective is your ability to ask life-changing questions?

On Saturday, January 27, I attended the Real Talk Training (RTT) seminar held in Culpeper. This was facilitated by Joseph Umidi, the founder of Transformational Leadership Coaching (TLCI). This seminar had an immediate and profound impact on me and my relationships.

While only nine people participated in this seminar, which was surprising and disappointing, the good news is that Joseph invited Michael Stay to come to the TLCI headquarters on February 13 to share/discuss ideas and opportunities for growing the impact and profitability of TLCI.

The most profound lesson I learned and experienced during the RTT seminar is “Coaches don’t give advice or tell people what to do. Instead they use powerful, incisive questions to stimulate you to examine things in life that matter most from new angles.” I experienced the transformational difference between asking rather than telling. This was a radical paradigm shift for me.

I agree with the RTT training manual which states “The Real Talk Training (RTT) is an experience that can forever change the way you relate to people. You will learn foundational coaching skills in this seminar that will empower you to begin a new journey simply through conversation.

When you take a close look at the life and teachings of Jesus, it’s obvious that He frequently changed lives by asking simple, yet profound questions. When Jesus talked, he usually told stories (parables).

Tomorrow I will share a story of how applying the principles of asking open, powerful questions learned during the RTT seminar had a profound impact on a total stranger later that same day.

Prayer Power
Most gracious, heavenly Father, we praise You as a sovereign God. Thank You that we can know and trust that Your plans are always better than our plans. Thank You for the many times You reveal Your glory and power through unexpected turns in circumstances. Thank You for Joseph Umidi and TLCI. Bless them. Thank You for opening the door for Michael Stay and me to meet with the TLCI leadership team on February 13. Bless us with uncommon ideas to multiply the impact of TLCI’s coach training in Culpeper and across Virginia in 2007. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to talk less and listen more!

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