Speak LORD, I Love to Listen to Your Voice!

23 Mar

I am because of I AM!

Now the LORD came and stood and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel answered, “Speak, for Your servant hears.” (1 Samuel 3:10)

What in your schedule needs to go to make room for God?

There is a beautiful song I love to sing. I’m not sure of the title, but the lyrics go “Speak LORD, I love to listen to Your voice. See LORD, here I am.” Samuel was listening and God used him in a mighty way. God is looking for people who will listen to Him and are available to obey. If your schedule is full, then either there’s insufficient room for God to move (perform miracles – show you the unexpected) or if He does, you won’t recognize the opportunities.

On Friday March 16, two days before my birthday, I spent seven hours preparing seven devotionals for March 16-22. This was the most devotionals I had ever prepared in a single day. The Holy Spirit had impressed upon me that the most important thing I do for Jesus is listen to Him and share His messages through these devotionals. After getting in the zone, I chose to stay there. I repented for the many days this year I had missed sending these devotionals and decided that before I left for Israel on March 25 I would prepare devotionals for every day through April 4, the date I return.

Over the past six years, the LORD prepared me to walk in His ways and to be able to listen to and obey His voice. Last April, God commanded me to make 2007, the seventh year since my spiritual rebirth, a year of Sabbath rest. I have to admit that it’s been a challenge slowing down.

We are living in critical times and the LORD has messages He wants to deliver to the entire world. He is looking for willing vessels who are available. The Internet is God’s supernatural highway of communication because it combines all types of media – the printed word, radio, TV, music, art, etc. The web allows God’s children to freely share messages with people in every nation of the world. There is always the potential for exponential multiplication. What an opportunity!

I’m thankful that God has gifted me with an organized mind and a love for computers and technology. I wasn’t much of a networker before my spiritual rebirth. POWER networking is a spiritual gift from God. As I’m transparent and share what’s going on in my life, my ministry, and community, I believe God has applications for you, your ministry, and your community. The question is “Are you going to be a multiplier?”

Prayer Power  
Save Your people, save Your people, O LORD, from their sin. And take from us every other god, O LORD, change our hearts. Keep Your people, keep Your people, O LORD, keep us safe. Deliver us from the hands of our enemies, O LORD lift us up. Show Your people, show Your people, show Your face. Reveal to us the beauty of Your servant, make Him Known. Heal Your people, O LORD, with Your love. And pour on us the oil of Your anointing. Make us whole. Love Your people, love Your people, O LORD, as a bride. And cover us with pure white garments, O LORD, for Yourself.

These lyrics come from the song “Save Your people” on CD #3 of the CD series “Sing O Zion.”

Link of the Day
Jesus, Your mercy is infinite! – This is a beautiful audio prayer, so have your speakers on.

Blessings to eliminate the clutter in your life to be able to listen to God!

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