SHINE Summer 2012

25 May

I received an email from Laurie Roberts in the past few days asking for help to get Ieesha, her 11 year old daughter, to Orlando Florida for the SHINE Summer 2012 event hosted by AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talents for Christ) on July 03-08, 2012.

Laurie and I believe that Ieesha is called to be a model to positively impact millions of young girls around the world.

2012 is AMTC’s 30th anniversary year!

AMTC SHINE events are six-day conventions in Orlando that place God’s talented performers face-to-face with industry professionals who launch careers. The Spirit is amazing. Learning downloads in hyper-speed, as AMTC kids, teens, and adults sit in the same room with leaders of film, fashion, music, and theater.

Even more, these same VIP’s watch God’s talent act, model, sing, and dance. On the last day of SHINE, performers get one-on-one interviews. God’s talent meet the kings of entertainment as well as Christian casting directors. Divine connections begin. New stars are born in a world that surely needs light.

Here is what Laurie posted on the “Ieesha’s Dream Modeling Project” Facebook page

Dear Family and Friends,

Ieesha and I have made two trips to Los Angeles now both of which she has been truly blessed and learnt so much. We are writing to ask your help to take the last step (which is really the first into this industry) of this amazing journey of faith. This is the big step for the SHINE Orlando event where she will have the real chance of signing a contract, being recruited and receiving an agent!

Thank you to those who have helped with the first two steps we truly saw how the generosity of a few made the impossible possible! This time the budget is high and some of the fees that we thought were taken care of were not so we have to include that in this trips budget. AMTC has been so generous and patient with us and we trust GOD will richly reward their faith in helping Ieesha on this path.

If all do just a little we can make this happen!

Here is the budget and I need to book our hotel and flights ASAP as last time we paid almost double as the flights were not able to be booked until a couple of days before we left. If I can book in the next few days it will save a lot of money. Here is the website about the SHINE event:

Here is the budget:

  • Fees owing AMTC – Showcases 375.00 Tuition 1668.00
  • Hotel and flights if booked soon – $2400.00 U.S. for two people (this is an amazing special I found on as they told us the normal rate for the rooms was super high! This includes the extra resort fee)

Please consider helping us with this next step. You can give via paypal using my account

Thank you and many blessings to you all as you share in HIS vision won’t it be fun to see her in Hollywood acting and modeling! I have attached some of the photos chosen from her recent photo shoot.

We greatly appreciate your help and prayers,

Laurie & Ieesha

What is in your hand?

Each of us has something in our hands. In my case, I can let many of my followers know about this opportunity to help Ieesha fulfill her dream. Some of you may be willing to pray daily for Ieesha and her dream. Others may be willing to give financially. Still others may be willing to spread the word or make strategic connections.

My humble request is simply this. During a quiet time, ask this question, “LORD, how can I help Ieesha live out her dream?” Then write down whatever comes to your mind. Then trust and obey.

Blessings to be a dream helper!

Joseph PeckJoseph

Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
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Author, I Was Busy, Now I’m Not

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