Praying Like Jesus (TBNTP)

07 Oct

The point of prayer is not to get what you want, but rather to receive what you need!

What role is prayer going to play in your life?
For the miracle of prayer to begin operating in your life, you must pray!

“Our Father, …” (Matthew 6:9)

When the disciples asked Jesus for instruction on prayer, He began by saying “When you pray…” (Matthew 6:5). He simply assumed the disciples would have a regular time for prayer. That’s a big assumption to make about Jesus’ disciples today. Most of us say we just don’t have time for daily prayer. But do we want prayer to become a vital part of our lives? If we want to develop in any other area (e.g. sports, music, physical fitness, academically), we practice regularly. People who are serious about something always make room for it in their schedules.

Pray regularly! It is important to have a regular time for prayer, because without regularity, prayer will never become a habit. If we want to live in God’s presence, we need to shut the world out and tune in to God once a day, every day, without fail. We need to lay aside our other concerns and focus on God, look at Him, talk with Him, listen to Him, sit quietly before Him.

Pray privately! Get away from distractions. Make a regular prayer place – your secret place. Don’t bother fighting distractions, because you will lose. Avoid them. Find a quiet place where you can pray without interruption. Create a special atmosphere. Soon this will become a holy place, the place where God meets with you.

Pray sincerely! Mean what you say. Don’t fall into the habit of using meaningless repetition. Pray from your heart. Pray as if you are talking to a good friend. Sing praises to God because the Holy Spirit loves music.

Pray specifically! Jesus gave us the Lord’s prayer as a great model. When you say “Our Father,” remember that He loves you more than anyone else on this planet. Start your prayers by worshiping God for who He is (“Hallowed be thy name”). Next, submit your will to God’s in all areas of your life (“Thy will be done”). Then lay out all your concerns, whether big or small. Confess your sins and receive forgiveness. Pray for protection from evil and victory over temptation.

Reflect on your time with God! If Jesus’ followers don’t grow, it’s because they don’t make a habit of evaluating their lives. I’ve found that the best way to mediate on God’s Word is to journal. Write out your prayers every day. Write down key scriptures and life lessons you have learned. Then review this at least monthly.

Prayer Power
Most gracious, heavenly Father, thank You for the people You have put into my life to teach me how to pray. Thank You for blessing me with the desire to pray every day, throughout the day. Help me to lead by Your example. You teach “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6). Bless those who read this message with a healthy habit of prayer – to pray regularly, privately, sincerely, and specifically – every day! Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Praying Like Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer in a Culture of Prosperity – book by James Mulholland

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