Family Savings Coop

30 Aug

Family Savings Coop

Family Savings Coop

If I could show you how to spend $30 and receive $3,000 guaranteed savings on money you will already spend, would you want me to tell you about it?

This is not a joke. Two of my friends, Robert and Cheryl-Ann Needham, officially launched the Family Savings Coop last week.

After listening to their presentation, I chose to join because the investment is only $30 and they guarantee $3,000 in savings the first year as you use the program. The Family Savings Coop provides savings on groceries and dining out. Presently over 2 million people are using this program. Its been proven!

For those who are interested, there is also an opportunity to earn income. This is not a hierarchy and there are no down lines!

The mission of the Family Savings Coop is to help people:

  • Get out of debt
  • Obtain financial freedom – Not owing anyone and having multiple streams of income
  • Accelerate personal and professional development by providing free online training

Anyhow, if this sounds interesting to you, please do these four things:

1) Read this short Family Savings Coop Overview

2) Watch the 2 minute video on the FSC home page

3) Listen to the replay of Robert Needham sharing about this opportunity

4) CLICK HERE to enroll in the Family Savings Coop.

Blessings for a great day and Labor Day weekend!

Inspiring love,

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