7 Most Important Teleseminar Questions

03 Dec

7 Most Important Teleseminar Questions
From the desk of Alex Mandossian

Source: http://www.alexmandossian.com/2009/11/24/the-7-most-important-tele-interview-questions/

See also http://teleseminarsecrets.com/faculty

When preparing your presentation, make sure you have specific answers to these seven critical teleseminar interview questions.

1) WHY is [TOPIC] so important for our listeners to achieve greater success?

2) WHAT is [TOPIC] by definition?

3) HOW do your students typically get started with [TOPIC] on a step-by-step basis? [If you are going to give steps on how to get started, Alex recommends using 5-9 steps (7 +- 2)]

4) WHAT IF any of our listeners got started today with [TOPIC] – what would their life look like in say, 30 days? 90 days? 1 year? How about 3 years?

5) What are the specific ROADBLOCKS that typically prevent your students from getting started? [What are the roadblocks getting the way? Every door has a lock. Every lock has a key. Mention 3]

6) What are the specific STRATEGIES that are like keys to unlock “roadblock doors” to achieve WILD success? [Not just any success, but wild success. Each roadblock has a strategy to it.]

7) What’s the first PHYSICAL ACTION STEP you’d want a listener to take to get started with [TOPIC]? [Alex likes to call continuing education is education]

The first 4 questions come from David Colb, the next 2 from Dan Sullivan, and the last one from David Allen.

You have the WHY learner, the WHAT learner, the HOW learner, and the What IF learner. Be sure to ask and answer these questions in this order.


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