1,001 Words on Favor: A Daily Declaration by Marlee Huber

11 Dec

1,001 Words on Favor

I just received this message in an email from Linda Andrew in Canada, “Thank you so much for this replay of the webinar. You mentioned you were sending out the Declarations info, please add my name to this list.”

While I had the link to Marlee Huber’s “1,001 Words on Favor: A Daily Declaration” on the webinar replay page, I figured I would send everyone who registered for the “Keys to Supernatural Favor and Increase” webinar a direct link


Also, Marlee encouraged me to include this link to her blog “Your Flourish Life” with the “1,001 Words on Favor: A Daily Declaration” post.


Thank you Linda for prompting me to do this.

Blessings to start declaring SUPERNATURAL FAVOR daily!


P.S. EXPECT FAVOR and start looking for miracles in every moment of every day! And BE a miracle to someone else. What you do for others, God will make happen to you.

P.S.S. Also, if you missed it, here is the link to the replay for the “Keys to Supernatural Favor and Increase” webinar http://budurl.com/keyscanada

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